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PSG News: Buffon says it's normal for Mbappe to think of him as "grandfather"

The veteran says he has no problem with the PSG star who thinks of him as a father figure and feels he has grown up thanks to their friendship

Gianluigi Buffon says it is perfectly normal that Kylian Mbappe sees the veteran goalkeeper as "a father figure or even a grandfather" and that he is part of the plot of life.

The 41-year-old reached Paris Saint-Germain with a one-year contract in the summer and brought with him a great experience in his long and distinguished career in Serie A and with the Italian national team.

That age was the punchline of a little joke that Mbappe did in January, when Buffon celebrated his birthday, while the main protagonist tweeted: "Happy birthday, Grandpa Gigi. honor have this opportunity to be with you and learn on your side everyday".

Buffon has no problem with that humor, having been in Mbappe's position as a brilliant young player who tried to get himself accepted by his older and more experienced fellows.

And the concierge says his relationship with Mbappe is strong, as the two have grown to find common ground between them.

"It's normal that Kylian, who is 20 years old, thinks of me as a paternal figure or even a grandfather, but I think he's nice," Buffon said CNN.

"I have experienced so many wonderful things in my career: first as a young, adolescent, arrogant player who was surrounded by older players and my mission then had to be accepted by them.

"Then as a young man, and then an older man who meets a young man who was just like me when I was the same age."

"All this is part of life's difficulties, and you understand how different people's opinions are, and changing your point of view over time you see how things can be different, but I have to say that it's all part of the rich fabric of life.

"And when I joke with Kylian, we have a friendly relationship and we feel like we're the same age, as I see it, we have to find common ground and I have to act in a younger way and he has to think along the lines of someone bigger, maybe. "

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Buffon split the time this year with Alphonse Areola on goal, starting 11 games in Ligue 1 and three of the six PSG Champions League games.

It's an option in the veteran's contract for another season, but Buffon admitted uncertainty when asked about his future.

"I do not know," Buffon said. "The opportunity may well present itself, but nothing has been carved in stone, I think a player like me and my age should not make long-term plans."


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