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PSG hesitates about the future of Edinson Cavani

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The PSG hierarchy is hesitating about the future of the Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani, second RMC.

El Matador's current agreement expires in 2020, but Cavani intends to stay for at least another season, his third child is about to be born, the first to be born in Paris and is happy with his private life in the French capital.

On the club side, they are less definitive, with a source close to PSG saying:

"It is difficult to give a clear answer at the moment. Today the problem is that, if you sell Cavani, you don't have many other attack options. And we saw, at the end of this season, that with a few injuries, this can quickly become a problem. Buying a player at Cavani level will cost the club more money than an eventual sale of the attacker will bring. "

The council is divided on this great decision – many believe that the MCN experiment did not work, with Neymar and Mbappé having a clear chemistry between them not replicated nor from the Uruguayan. Others believe that now is the time for Mbappé to take on the role of a midfielder on himself. The French international spent a couple of months in this role after Cavani's most recent injury, and overall he performed brilliantly there, apart from the second leg of the Champions & # 39; Champions & # 39; of PSG with Manchester United.

Meanwhile, Cavani's entourage was not communicated directly by someone to PSG about a possible sale of the player. PSG president Nasser Al Khelaifi, who is personally close to the striker, has always been against the idea of ​​his departure, but will listen to the wishes of manager Thomas Tuchel for next season.

Edinson Cavani does not object to the idea of ​​signing an extension beyond 2020, on condition that it can continue to feel an integral part of the Paris project.

PSG sporting director Antero Henrique has for the moment held no discussions on a potential new agreement with El Matador.


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