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PSG criticized Met Police and Chelsea after fans banned the women's match | Football

Paris Saint-Germain criticized the metropolitan police and Chelsea after many of their supporters were turned away from the Champions League cup on Thursday night in Kingsmeadow.

A 2-0 victory for Emma Hayes's team was marked by events in advance when a group of "ultra" PSG supporters were turned away from the ground before the kick-off, with the police later confirming to have confiscated knives and knuckledusters when they looked for a fan coach A man was also arrested for possession of a Class A substance, but rather than condemning his supporters, a statement last Friday seemed to blame the police and Chelsea for not allowing them to watch the game.

"We repeat that the local authorities have not brought any evidence of wrongdoing, or at least no fact that justifies this prohibition to attend the game", reads the statement.

"All our supporters were searched, and if any of these researches or facts were subjected to a criminal law, we can imagine that the interested supporters would not have been able to leave British territory without being disturbed.

"Surprisingly, we note that Chelsea, on the morning of the match, did not want the presence of our supporters, claiming the alleged damage to the stadium that was caused, according to local witnesses, before the arrival of our fans in London

"We express the maximum support to the Paris Saint-Germain fans who, in the middle of the week, organized their program to come and support our women's team and we count on their fervor during the return match next Wednesday."

The police have yet to comment on PSG's claims, even though their statement on Thursday evening stated that they were initially called in Kingsmeadow at 8 am after PSG fans had caused criminal damage to the stadium. It is understood that a door has been damaged and some graffiti have been sprayed on nearby walls before being escorted, with the police confirming that they have been "informed of sporadic episodes of unrest involving PSG supporters in Waterloo and Wimbledon stations "later the day.

"Those involved were identified when they participated in Kingsmeadow tonight and were stopped," he added. "Buses were searched for where they traveled and weapons, including knives and knuckledusters, were recovered along with class A drugs. A bus man was arrested for possession of class A drugs and the other passengers were escorted from the area . "

Chelsea should try to give travel advice to Blues supporters before the second leg, which will take place at Stade Jean-Bouin, to make sure their fans' experience in Paris is as safe as possible. A club spokesman confirmed: "We keep security under constant control".

Hannah Blundell and Erin Cuthbert's goals gave Chelsea an advantage ahead of next week's quarter-final second leg, although Hayes insisted that supporters should not be discouraged from traveling to Paris before the events.

"I don't think we should discourage anyone from going," he said. "But at the same time we remembered that women's play is progressing and fans are following. With that comes the same level of control. But they must behave well, whether they are our fans or theirs."


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