Prince Harry will carry out the first public commitment since the real crisis | UK news

Prince Harry will carry out his first public engagement since he revealed plans that he and his wife Meghan will back off as royalty, which will trigger a real crisis.

The Duke of Sussex will host the 2021 Rugby League World Cup draw at Buckingham Palace on Thursday and meet with representatives from the 21 participating nations.

He will then remain in the United Kingdom until next week, despite rumors that he was preparing to fly to Canada to join Meghan and his eight-month-old son Archie.

The Queen, in an attempt to regain control of the situation, approved Harry and Meghan’s desire to withdraw from their royal duties, as well as divide their time between the United Kingdom and Canada and become financially independent.

It was reported that Harry would stay in the United Kingdom to hold further discussions about his future role in the Royal Family, although the Palace has not published any updates since the Queen’s personal statement on Monday.

“The duke has some meetings here early next week,” a source told the PA news agency.

Is it still relevant or a relic of the past?

The Duchess of Sussex returned to Canada to be with Archie, who is said to have stayed there with a babysitter when she and Harry traveled to the United Kingdom.

On Tuesday, he visited a women’s shelter in Vancouver to discuss issues that directly impact women.

An image of Meghan posing with staff members was posted on Facebook after the engagement, which was the first since last week’s announcement.

And on Wednesday he visited the charity Justice For Girls to discuss issues that include the rights of indigenous peoples and the leadership power of young women.

Meghan Markle with photo members of the Vancouver Women's Center Eastside Women Center: DEWC Vancouver
Meghan Markle with members of the Vancouver East Center Women’s Center Photo: DEWC Vancouver

Meanwhile, a legal document submitted to the High Court by the editor of Mail on Sunday and MailOnline was published in response to Meghan’s legal action on an article that presents parts of a handwritten letter to her father that was published in February of 2019.

The documents revealed that his father, Thomas Markle, could testify against her in her legal battle with The Mail on Sunday while part of the newspaper’s defense.

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Harry’s official engagement on Thursday will see him organize the Rugby League World Cup draws for men’s, women’s and wheelchair tournaments, which will be broadcast live through the Royal’s Twitter and Facebook channels World and the 2021 Rugby League World Cup.

Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan are retreating as royalty members

The World Cup tournament will be held from October 23 to November 27, 2021 in 17 cities in England, with the participation of 16 teams of men, eight women and eight wheelchairs from 21 countries.

Wednesday the Duke He also launched the next stage of his Invictus Games, for service personnel and injured and injured veterans, and shared an Instagram video announcing that the event will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany, in 2022.

In the clip posted on sussexroyal’s official account, Harry said: “I hope everyone in Germany is ready for what will be an incredible week of sport!

“I have no doubt that the German public will be behind these Games and that each competitor can expect a warm welcome and an incredible atmosphere.”

The Duke and Duchess have withdrawn their claim to be “internationally protected persons” from their website, suggesting that there may be a 24-hour security issue financed by the taxpayer now that they are withdrawing their royal duties.

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