Premier League clubs insisted on qualifying for the European Super League


Superpowers are said to purify themselves about their involvement in a European Super League that poses serious "danger" to club football.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City have been accused of secret talks with other European clubs trying to form a lucrative escape.

The Premier League clubs have all tried to distance themselves from radically new proposals that would make European matches play at the weekend, almost become a closed shop and possibly have a devastating effect on national competitions.

But the President of the La Liga, Javier Tebas, one of the most powerful and frank men in European football, insists that the clubs still want to continue and it is now up to the competitions and UEFA to ensure that it is not happens.

The best European clubs have been accused of having secret talks about a new competition

Tebas said: "European professional football is in danger. This is not a joke as to what is going on. And fans, the residents of England and the United Kingdom, need to know what every club thinks about this.

"Because the history of English football and its clubs is in danger. And it's not just a policy of the owners, it's a change in the entire football model and we need to be much more transparent about it.

"My message to the big English clubs, if they do projects like this for money, they make a big mistake. Because it won't be more money for them. It might be more money for their big players. Instead of seven Ferrari & # 39; s they will have ten.

Barcelona would belong to those who are part of a European Super League

"They have to study very carefully what the effects of this are. It is not true that it is more money because the money in that European Super League is taken from the Premier League, the domestic competition and a much greater distance between fans will create than they to think.

"You have to study the consequences very well. It is no longer money and it causes a disconnect with fans. We work hard and little by little we raise awareness within football.

"And if ECA (European Club Association) and Uefa do not understand the damage it could cause to national competitions, then we will use the legal and political mechanisms available to us within the European Union and within our own countries to prevent such dangerous politically prevented change that Uefa and ECA have decided to consider. "

Tebas also insists that the governing body of European football is "held hostage" to UEFA itself because leaders of the largest clubs dominate the composition of their committees. He also warned that the Champions League would become a "closed store" and that large clubs would no longer have to win domestic titles.

Title winners Manchester City have also been involved in the talks

He added: "There is a body within UEFA, that is the UEFA Club Competitions Committee, which has a total of 17 or 18 people. It is a committee that decides what the form of competition will be.

"I think UEFA is being held hostage and ECA has a veto over many UEFA decisions and they have also created a company, 50-50 with UEFA, which takes economic advantage of UEFA. It economically exploits the broadcasting rights of champions, these arguments make it clear that UEFA is being held hostage by the ECA, the big clubs.

"Now, 15 days ago, Uefa presented the competition format and it is even more dangerous than reducing competitions to 18 teams or playing European competitions on Saturday.

Liverpool has also been accused of being involved in secret talks

"Because the system that we had in European football so far – and that's your qualification for Europe based on the final table of the national competition – would eventually be broken. It has a double effect.

"You would almost create a closed or semi-closed European competition. And if you make four groups of eight teams, it is almost a closed entry to the Champions League.

"That means big clubs playing in that competition, the national competition would be in the background for them.

"It would therefore be a national competition on the second level. Because if they are assured that they will compete in the European Super League every year, the domestic competition would have little interest in the clubs."

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