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Portuguese chef Leandro Carreira is the head of the new Chelsea Seafood Restaurant

Chef Leandro Carreira has been named executive chef of The Sea, The Sea – a new fishmonger, deli, the team's restaurant behind the Soho fishmonger, Bonnie Gull, according to Bloomberg Richard Vines on Twitter this morning.

The restaurant, presented for the first time in January, will open on Pavilion Road, near Sloane Square, in Chelsea, Saturday 27 April.

This is followed by the closure of the Carreira debut site, Londrino in Bermondsey, at the beginning of this year.

The restaurant, which is owned by Bonnie Gull co-founder Alex Hunter, will function as a sales space during the day, where British fish products will be available for sale, as well as stocks, sauces, marinades, cakes and smoked fish. . In the evening, it will serve as an innovative fish restaurant and champagne bar.

The sea, the sea announced on Twitter: "We will sell the freshest British fish to get our hands on, as well as a series of home-made food products every day, but from 18:00 on Tuesday to Saturday we will reopen as a fish bar, with changing tasting dishes, grower's champagne and excellent wines. "

The impression of an artist from The Sea, The Sea on Pavilion Road in Chelsea

An online example menu reveals that Carreira will bring her avant-garde approach to Chelsea, with a series of dishes inspired by Japanese cuisine.



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