Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang & # 39; s role in Chelsea signing of Christian Pulisic


Christian Pulisic says he was looking for some advice from London from former Borussia Dortmund team member, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, before agreeing to his move to Chelsea.

The American was presented as a Blues player on Tuesday and had linked the formalities of his £ 58 million transfer from Germany, initially set in the January transfer window.

The arrival of the 20-year-old gives a welcome boost to the Blues pending their deletion in this summer, where the attacker is seen as a replacement for Eden Hazard for the likely move from the Belgian to Real Madrid.

And Pulisic credits Aubameyang of Arsenal to help Chelsea choose.

Pulisic was unveiled Tuesday in Chelsea

"When the possibility of my transfer to Chelsea came, I handed it out," Pulisic told the Evening Standard.

"Although Pierre-Emerick left Dortmund for Arsenal, we kept in touch. I've talked to him since he moved here.

"I asked him what it was like in London and all that. He loves it here. He is a man from the big city, you see that and he told me about a few places to go see.

Pulisic and Aubameyang are former Dortmund teammates

"It was a very good friendship when we played Dortmund for a few years together. He was there when I first broke into the first team and we had a nice link on the field.

"He taught me a lot. That was one of the coolest things about him. He is a very modest man and maybe people don't know that about him. & # 39;

The pair may be friends, but Pulisic says he hopes that Aubameyang will be on the losing side when he comes face-to-face with Chelsea in next week's Europa League final.

Aubameyang prepares for the Europa League final of Arsenal against Chelsea

"We already talked about that," he continued. "I told him" you can score one goal in the Europa League Final, but you can't win. That's it! & # 39;

"I knew he would do well in this country. He did it in the Bundesliga. He is just a man who always scores goals. He will work hard and find the right place. He is what a great striker can do.

"Is the confidence that I can do the same also to see how well he has done in the Premier League? Yes, absolutely."

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