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Ovechkin deprived of the transfer and goals, Kuznetsova hit, and he is responsible bird! – Soviet sport

hockey8 February 2019 08:30Source: "Soviet sport"Author: Slavin Vitaly

The next masterpiece match in the capital of the United States released the most popular Russian club NHL. This time the "Colorado" and personally to Varlamov were not that good. Despite the efforts of Semyon, the guests surrendered overtime after a simple little Ovechkin – Kuznetsov (4: 3).

For many, many years football has fought to introduce the referee's help in the controversial moments of video equipment, and then hockey with endless repetitions of repetitions by judges in all conceivable and unthinkable situations, in my opinion has become too involved . These constant searches for illegal centimeters and seconds simply kill the spirit of the game. Take her logic away. And sometimes directly affect the result. Because of the formalities that are being sucked up by the finger.

Well, that is why it was necessary in the first period to cancel the goal Bekstremawhen he usually ended with the score 1: 0 the puck in the net after a shot from his personal office in the left circle of the throw-in Ovechkin?! Well, yes, the far judge, you do not notice that Varlamov the puck is not fixed, he blew the whistle. But at the same time the Swede sent the puck into the net with him! So it seemed to me and the directors of the broadcast, who quickly brought on the screen that this was the 14th goal of the Niklas season.

But no! Arbitrators, as the most ardent legalists in the world, drove to the monitor. In the broadcast this episode with the sound was repeated twice and if the puck after the whistle signal exceeded the ribbon, then after a few tenths, and maybe even hundredths of a second. Either way, even if the whistle did not sound, no one could prevent Beckstrem from scoring. For some players, "Colorado" was not, and Semyon puck behind did not see.

Such absurdity, so that Alexander the Great was not credited with 1181 points in his career.

For me it is even more absurd to look "out of the game" after the puck was at your gate. That is, if you have not scored and the match has been continued and your team already throws the puck, is everything okay? A kind of double morality!

This is the case that occurred at the beginning of the second period. Home coach Todd Rearden on the advice of an assistant, who was whispered in the ear by radio, the people on the monitor with a live broadcast asked for the challenge of being sidelined. And here too, insignificant amounts – centimeters this time – played against Washington & # 39 ;. The Colorado player, completely in the attack zone, when the puck had not yet entered, grabbed the blue line with the tip of the skate blade. So there is no question of an "offside" position and a goal. McKinnon legally!

So the score was not only 2: 0, but immediately after the first break it was equal to 1: 1.

Although we have to pay tribute to the judges and secret chambers of the NHL: unlike the KHL, they do not delay the viewing of controversial episodes and generally make a verdict within a minute.

In the 29th minute the situation repeated itself. Again, removing the "Avalanche". again Carlson put the puck under the timer, you know yourself – to whom, and he again flashes Varlamov. By the way, I am aware that many of our veterans do not like the word "stitching". But how else should you say, when the puck seems to fall into the keeper and then falls out of the shields behind him, from shorts or from under the arms?

This time the referees do not whistle, and Kuznetsov the puck ended with a ribbon. What, once again, his captain "insulted": robbed him the 645th goal in his career, because the puck himself would certainly have rolled into the goal. Although, on the other hand, Zhenya did everything right: every accident must be excluded, especially after the incident with the goal of the Bekstrem.

In general, the game with the reigning champion "Colorado" was easy. Especially in the very first debut of the last third, Varlamov launched a butterfly after a long overhang Niskanen. The score was 3: 1 and the guests remained removed. In total for the game they spent 12 minutes in the minority. All this comforted the capitals. The loss of concentration broke the awareness of most people and holes appeared in the defense. Then the "Colorado" with its international super-triple Landeskog – McKinnon – Rantans immediately benefited from the benefits. Yes, exchanger Holtby disappoint: on the 58th minute Copley missed after throwing Wilson from a negative angle. The puck rebounded from the keeper of the club and fluttered in the net between his shields. 3: 3.

Overtime became the advantage of Kuznetsov. Zhenya barely left the ice and 48 seconds before the end of the five minutes after Ovechkin & # 39; s pass he rolled one on Varlamov and technically put the puck between the shields. And then he played his famous little bird. And no one dares to accuse Eugene of contempt of disdain. He finally missed most of the third period. On the 52nd minute in the Russians, when he was freed from the puck for a long time, he collapsed Cole. Kuznetsov fell, he seems to have been killed by a breath, and then he drove heavily to the bank. Of course the power of "Washington" Wilson came up for a teammate and how would Colt make a debut. But until the end of the third period, Kuznetsov no longer appeared on the ice. Even there was a suspicion of a concussion – luckily everything succeeded.

Fix finally: Ovechkin scored 1182th point in his career, but now he can not score three games. It's time, Alexander! Worry gretzky another 250 steps …

Regular championship

"Washington" – "Colorado" – 4: 3 OT (1: 0, 1: 1, 1: 2, 1: 0)

goals: Burakovsky (Oshi, Niskanen), 06:31 – 1: 0; McKinnon (Barry, Landeskog), 20:35 – 1: 1; Kuznetsov (Ovechkin, Carlson), 28:38 – 2: 1; Niskanen (Vran, Kuznetsov), 40:34 – 3: 1; Rantans (Landeskog), 45:10 – 3: 2; Wilson (Calvert), 57:53 – 3: 3; Kuznetsov (Ovechkin), 64:12 – 4: 3.


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