Osorio was able to leave Paraguay according to one of his assistants


The Juan Carlos Osorio cycle in Paraguay seems to have started with more doubts than certainties, since the technician made it clear from the first moment that a call from Colombia would let him analyze his departure.

After the word from our own coach, the rumors followed and this time in the mouth of one of his employees. Mario Marín, coach of the Colombian technical staff, assured Osorio that he only went to the Albirroja and that he could leave before the end of the year.

"The teacher went to Paraguay alone, he has his reasons, it was none of the technical staff, we are waiting for him to return, because I think he will not be more than until November 30 and we will wait for fate , "he said. Caracol Radio.

In addition, Marín revealed that the clause allowing the former national coach to go before an offer of the Tricolor consists of: "There are a few separate clauses where you can come to Colombia."

Osorio, at the moment, started his training this week at the head of Paraguay and had said in recent days that he was very committed to the project.