Odell Beckham Jr. handed out bundles of tickets to LSU players after winning

Cleveland Browns open receiver Odell Beckham Jr. helped LSU, his alma mater, Celebrate your national championship on Monday night delivering wads of tickets to players.

Beckham was captured by the camera giving money to LSU receivers Justin Jefferson, whose brothers Jordan and Rickey played with Beckham at LSU and Jontre Kirklin. None of the players have declared themselves for the NFL draft and, therefore, remain NCAA athletes. It was not clear how much money was given and if the players kept the cash or if they simply went along with a Beckham advertising trick during the celebration.

The NCAA prohibits college players from being compensated or receiving benefits not allowed outside the parameters of the Division I scholarship. Beckham sent each LSU player a pair of Beats Studio 3 wireless headphones before the championship game, but That was approved by the NCAA. The postseason rules allow players to receive gifts of up to $ 550 in value for competing in bowl games “from event management or from the participating member institution.”

The NCAA did not immediately respond to messages made by USA TODAY Sports.

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