News from the Premier League: Jack Wilshere expects to build up pressure on the Arsenal by lifting West Ham over Gunners


Midfielder Hammers, who spent 10 years in the Gunners' books as a senior star, sees no reason why his current club cannot climb the Premier League

Jack Wilshere is trying to put pressure on his former Arsenal employers, helping the current club West Ham over the Gunners at the Premier League table.

Manuel Pellegrini's team is considered among the most inclined to enter the first six of the 2019-20 season.

The Hammers have invested wisely and boast proven performers in all areas of the field.

It could be that Arsenal, like Arsenal, is ready to shoot, with those at the Emirates Stadium resisting for three consecutive seasons outside the top four.

Wilshere, who left the north London area in 2018 after a 10-year career in the senior ranks, believes that West Ham is able to push itself into European commercials.

He said Premier League productions: "This must be our goal, but the Premier League, you know, is, you have to fight every game, every week.

"Our problem last year was not against the big teams, it was against the other teams where we lost points.

"We must make sure we start well, last year we started off badly, we lost the first four games and then we are catching up and it is difficult".

Jack Wilshere West Ham 2018-19

Wilshere is aware that consistency will be the key for West Ham, with the club showing that it can compete with the best in the industry.

In their day they are able to overcome any rival, with all the reasons to believe that a position above the Arsenal can be assured if everything goes well.

The English international Wilshere added: "This is what we will aim at.

"I'm not saying we will win the Premier League, but we want to push ourselves as high as possible.

"We beat the Arsenal last year, we beat [Manchester] United, we beat Chelsea, so we know we can beat them.

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"It's against smaller teams where we need to concentrate more and collect points".

West Ham would like to start building momentum towards the new season, with consecutive defeats against Manchester City and Newcastle in the Premier League Asia Trophy.

They have more pre-season games to take before returning to competitive action with a home test date against defending champions City on August 10th.