News from Manchester United: Wilfried Zaha was disappointed at the Old Trafford, says Neil Warnock


Cardiff City boss slammed the Red Devils for how they handled the Ivorian wing during his unfortunate two-year period at the club

Crystal Palace striker Wilfried Zaha was "disappointed" by Manchester United after moving to Old Trafford in 2013, according to Neil Warnock.

The Eagles star got a dream transfer from Selhurst Park to the Theater of Dreams six years ago, but ended up staying at the club for two years before returning to a family atmosphere.

Zaha, who was the last signing of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson before retiring, was unable to enter the first US team under David Moyes or Louis Van Gaal, taking only four appearances in total in all competitions .

He had borrowed loans at Cardiff and Palace before securing another permanent contract with the Eagles in 2015 and has since managed to rebuild his damaged reputation.

Neil Warnock was the man in charge of Selhurst Park at the time of his return and is preparing to welcome his old club at Cardiff City Stadium on Saturday.

In view of the crucial clash in the Premier League, the Bluebirds coach revealed that Zaha's time in United had a negative impact on his confidence.

"He was not in a good place. I met in the president's office," Warnock said at a press conference on Friday.

"We were talking to him and it was obvious how he felt when he was disappointed by Manchester United. When I spoke to him, I understood why.

"He was just a boy, so he needed help and an arm around his shoulder, but he didn't look like he'd gotten any of this.

"This is what you do, go away, rekindle that enthusiasm.

"He has always had an enormous ability and in the coming years I am sure he will go to one of the best clubs in Europe."

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Reportedly, the Red Devils have kept an eye on Zaha's progress in recent years, but it is believed that it will ignore any potential offer to stay with Palace for at least one other season, with its current contract up until to 2023.

The 26-year-old was once again a key figure for Roy Hodgson's team, contributing nine goals and three assists in 32 Premier League appearances.

The Palace has already secured its place in the top flight for another year and after facing Cardiff it will end their season at home in Bournemouth on 12 May.