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News from Manchester United: "We are seeing the real Paul Pogba" – Anthony Martial greets the leader of the Red Devils and targets the trophies

A team-mate of France and team-mate of Old Trafford of the World Cup winner hailed the form of a player who thrives with greater freedom

Antony Martial says that Manchester United is now seeing "the real Paul Pogba & # 39; as a field leader, he was given the freedom he needed to prosper.

The World Cup winner midfielder appeared destined to leave Old Trafford at the start of the season as he struggled to make his mark under Jose Mourinho.

With the twenty-five who resisted a tense relationship with a Portuguese coach, he found himself stuck on the bench and started talking about a big move elsewhere.

The arrival of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as successor to Mourinho, however, gave new life to Pogba and many of those around him.

Martial is another that is thriving, with the international of France committing to a new long-term contract in the wake of a fit recovery, and believes that the key men of the United are delivering after being charged with performing in a less rigid tactical system.

He said Sky Sports of compatriot Pogba, who has six goals and five assists in the last eight appearances in the Premier League: "We all know what quality Paul has – Paul is Paul.

"Now he has this freedom to play, I think we are starting to see Paul Pogba's true show and we hope he continues.

"He's a leader, he talks more in the locker room than on the field to be honest, technically and with the word, he's a leader in both directions, I hope he can continue to lead us to great things."

Pogba's performances in the middle of the park, together with those of Martial in a broad offensive role, have helped make United unbeatable in the last 10 games in all competitions.

"I do not think we're very far from the first four, so it's just a case of continuing, winning as many games as possible so we can secure a place in those Champions League points at the end of the season," Martial said.

Anthony Martial Manchester United 2018-19

The 23-year-old, who is facing a fourth season with the Red Devils, has added his future ambitions after drawing new terms for 2024: "Any player would say the same thing, [my goal is] win as many titles and trophies as possible, the largest possible number of silverware and it is also very important to continue to develop, progress and improve as a player over the years.

"I would describe the period [since Martial has been at United] as really enriching for me as a person and as a footballer. They have been good years, I have learned a lot and I hope I can continue to move forward in the next few years.

"Fans and I have had a very special relationship since my first season and fortunately, it has continued to last so far, and I hope that it will continue in the future and hope that together we can win trophies and silverware".

In search of the greatest honors, Martial will try to add to the two goals he has recorded so far under the guidance of the former US frontman Solskjaer.

"He [Solskjaer] he is a coach with great values. I think he knows how to get the best out of the players and make things clear when we go out on the field, we all know about our work and we all know what we have to do, "he said.

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"He gave me a lot of advice, it's always good to get advice from a great player, but sometimes when you're out on the court, it reduces to what's natural and you do what you've always done in terms of finishing .

"We have a laugh among us quite often because I think that finishing is something that comes naturally to me: I've played since I was a kid, I've always been a footballer and a striker from an early age.

"The thing we laugh about is that I miss a lot of training, while in a game, I could only have one chance and I can convert it".


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