News from Manchester United: Jesse Lingard is perfectly fit after seeing the risk of breakage


The English international was not involved with his country for the start of the Euro 2020 qualification, but claims to be ready for action in the Premier League

Jesse Lingard declares to be "back in good shape" and ready to intervene for Manchester United after seeing an injury back off the risk before the international break.

The 26-year-old was among those who happened to knock on a thrilling Premier League match with Liverpool on February 24th.

A hamstring problem kept him on the sidelines for three weeks in a FA Cup quarter-final confrontation with the Wolves.

Lingard was summoned during that race, in what was considered a calculated bet, but later started the Euro 2020 qualifying with England.

It was then brought back by Manchester United from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the bench in the 2-1 win over Watford on Saturday, but said he is now trying to claim a starting position once again.

"I'm back in good shape," Lingard said MUTV before returning to Molineux Tuesday.

"I think of course the break was useful because I was able to get the stronger biceps again to play the rest of the games again in the rest of the season.

"The draw of the wolves was a risk. I already said but it was a quarter-final of the FA Cup and the manager let me in. It was still a risk and I needed that time just to rest my bicep and restart it ".

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Lingard was unable to prevent United from slipping into a 2-1 defeat the last time they faced Wolves and sought improved performances in the midweek round when a team chasing a top4 ended up looking for more valuable points .

"It's about setting the tone right from the start," he said.

"We need everyone to do it. So, Tuesday night, we'll see how it's style.

"Ole is all about energy and passion and shows this fight. If kids can do it overnight, I'm sure we can win the game."

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Even the United States is trying to raise their collective standard from the display set against Watford on Saturday, when Solskjaer admitted that his team was sloppy and Luke Shaw scored the second half showing "terrible".

"We got the win over the weekend against Watford and the main focus is on the Wolves and we have to take advantage of their backline, considering we haven't really put them under pressure in the last game [in the FA Cup]"Lingard said.

"The start against Watford was not the beginning we wanted. We have to start playing more, playing faster with a little more energy on us. We have to try to put them on the back foot and go from there. "