Montemurro del Arsenal opens to Australian forest fires, confirms interest in Foord

The Gunners chief admits that the llamas in his home country have been hard to see, but he is encouraged by the support that has been shown.

Arsenal’s female coach, Joe Montemurro, has opened up to the Australian wildfires that have affected her home country in recent weeks.

Montemurro grew up in Victoria, one of the states most affected by the recent fires, before moving to North London in 2017 when he took over the Gunners.

Forced to see the forest fire crisis from afar, Montemurro admits that it is a situation he has become accustomed to since he praised the support that has been shown for those directly affected.

“It’s a tragic situation. It’s something that, having grown up in Australia, is a common place every summer,” Montemurro said.

“There is very little surface water and our fauna is very combustible. It is a situation where, unfortunately, communities are destroyed.”

“My heart is with all the people who have suffered the situation. I get goosebumps just thinking about the people affected like firefighters, volunteers.”

“The global support that has been provided is excellent and every little help. It’s great to see everyone come together to help.

“I have not had any personal experience, but they are very close to Melbourne. The air quality there is now abominable.”

“I am talking with my family every day and there is a real struggle at the moment. It really is up to everyone to make sure to keep these things from moving forward.”

Brighton’s Australian goalkeeper Mat Ryan recently donated 500 Australian dollars for each Premier League save that was made last weekend directly for forest fire recovery efforts.

Montemurro will face Matildas star Sam Kerr on Sunday when his Arsenal team faces Chelsea in the Super League.

While there is no illusion about its quality, the Australian manager said he is not afraid of the prospect.

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Montemurro also confirmed his interest in signing an Australian star in the Gunners, with attacker Caitlin Foord recently linked to a move to the club.

“Caitlin Foord has been a player of interest for a while. She is a player we are interested in and there are a couple of other elements that we are also seeing,” he said.

“I don’t want to speculate on things that are not happening or that are not solid, but we will incorporate some elements during the transfer window.”


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