Mike French calls former Yankees for criticism for poster theft

Mike Frances has a message for Yankee players and fans upset about the MLB sign theft scandal that is engulfing the Astros, the Red Sox and the Mets: shut up, you’re being hypocritical.

French, tore CC Sabathia and Mark Teixeira for their comments on the scandal during their Wednesday show on WFAN Radio.

Teixeira, who played with Beltrán in the Bronx for three years, said the Mets should leave Carlos Beltrán just when the Red Sox gave Alex Cora a can and the A.J. Hinch Sabathia recently said it was “frustrating” to know that the Yankees cheated on their two main rivals and that they might have had another World Series title in 2017 or 2018 if the scandal had not happened.

But French is not buying any of that talk from the two former Yankees, who led the Yankees to a World Series title in 2009.

“For the Yankees to act in a sanctimonial way here, I don’t care if it is (Mark) Teixeira, CC Sabathia,” said French. “Do the Yankees want to return the home runs that were hit by players who won games in the postseason that used steroids? ? “Or the games released by pitchers who took steroids? Of course not. They want it discarded.

“You cannot be more holy than you when your own house is not in order.”

Mike French
Mike FrenchRobert Sabo

French, who doubled his comments on Tuesday by saying that Beltran should not be fired, also said that the Yankees have had many players who were punished for using steroids. The most notable Yankee caught using steroids was Alex Rodriguez, a key gear in his 2009 World Series race.

“The Yankees had more steroid men than anyone else, so you can’t be holier than you when your own house is not in order,” he said.

French also said that the Yankees were not bothered by the whirlpool that surrounded Beltran when they hired him last season.

“Why the Yankees didn’t tell him about what happened in 2017, if it was so important,” said the WFAN host. “They made claims in the 17th.” Why didn’t they sit Beltrán now that he was an employee and asked him what was going on? “

French said that because Beltran was not a patron at that time, he should not lose the Mets’ job for stealing posters as a player and that it was the manager’s job to stop any questionable action. Beltran was the only player mentioned in the commissioner’s report Rob Manfred.

“This is the only thing that people are missing,” said French, addressing critics asking Beltran to be fired. “If Beltrán was the architect of the theft of posters or not, he was not in a position of authority in Houston, they could have closed it.”

“No player will be involved or punished for using information that the team obtains in terms of signs.” It has been going on in baseball for 70 years. “

French said Beltran, who lied to Joel Sherman of The Post two months ago about his involvement in the scandal, has something to do with the media, but he shouldn’t lose his job because of that.

“Now maybe you want to put this stigma in Beltran and maybe it bothers you that he lied to the media, really?” Said French. “Put all the boys in line for each coach who lied to the media a million times, each owner who lied to the media a million times, each player who lied to the media a million times. ” He won’t be fired because he lied to the media. “


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