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Meeting with the former and the record: what awaits Tutberidze in Canada

In Canada, the fourth stage of the Grand Prix for figure skating is taking place in juniors, where the student Eteri Tutberidze Anna Scherbakova can become the first girl in history to play pure quadruple lutz. One of the main rivals will be another Russian woman, Anastasia Tarakanova, who left the Tutberidze group in the summer of 2018 after Yevgenia Medvedeva.
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In Canada, Richmond starts the fourth stage of the junior Grand Prix series in figure skating. Russia will be represented at the matches by the following participants:

girls: Anna Shcherbakova, Anastasia Tarakanova

Boys: Matvey Vetlugin, Pyotr Goumennik
Sport couples: Anastasia Mishina / Alexander Galliamov, Daria Kvartalova / Alexey Svyatchenko, Appolinaria Panfilova / Dmitry Rylov
Dancing on ice: Polina Ivanenko / Daniil Karpov, Ksenia Konkina / Alexander Vakhnov

Many of the athletes make their debut in the Grand Prix this season, but there are those who have already established themselves for the audience.

Sports pairs Mishina / Gallyamov and Panfilova / Rylov performed in the first phase of the series in Bratislava and won gold and silver medals respectively. Also the company was when the 14-year-old Shcherbakova, who became the best in ladies singles, won a total of 205.39 points and almost 19 points ahead of the nearest follower.

It is unlikely that this result will astonish anyone: Anna is a student of the famous coach Eteri Tutberidze, whose departments currently leave no chance for competitors.

In the three previous Grand Prix stages, only the students of this coach won – in addition to Shcherbakova, this is Alexandra Trusova and Alena Kostornaya – and each time the lead of the rivals was impressive.

However, if the figure skating fans are used to the first places of the students of Tutberidze, they are still hungry for the records.

And the most important achievement, which everyone expects from students of a genius coach, has not yet happened: it is the first in history pure quadruple lutz performed by a girl.

This jump is considered the most difficult in figure skating, and many male soloists have difficulty with it.

As far as women are concerned, no one has shown a clean quadruple lutz at official competitions.

Representatives of the fair sex in general try to learn very few leaps with four turns – it was believed for a long time that only men can do this.

However, Tutberidze students seem ready to take this element into use. At least, Shcherbakova shows Lutz in training, and Trusova even tried to present him at the competitions – in the third stage of the Grand Prix in Lithuanian Kaunas, – but the judges found that they had not cooked and had lowered the rating. So the fourth lutz did not take place – there was no report.

Shcherbakova also had the chance to shock the audience with this element in Bratislava, but then the technical staff decided not to take the hardest jump in the program,

because on the eve of the rent of the control by the Russian national team the girl fell away from him.

"We have repeatedly shown quadruple lutz – both solo and in cascades – during the training in Bratislava, but after the daily meetings with the team decided not to take risks at this start and do not include lutz in the program, because it is not yet stable enough, "quoted" RIA Novosti "words from the choreographer from the group Tutberidze Daniil Gleyhenhauza. – As soon as we understand that the stability level allows it, it will certainly be introduced in the program. At what time this will happen, until I can certainly say it, but exactly in this season. "

It seemed that Shcherbakova then lost the chance to become the first woman to perform a quadruple lutz, but Trusova did not undermine this element in Kaunas, and the opportunity to go into history again challenged Anna.

At a training in Richmond is the girl who already makes the most difficult leap with power and thump and is obviously ready to go on record.

However, the rules of the International Skating Union (ISU) four jumps for girls in the short program are forbidden, so it will have to wait until the second day of the competition, when the skaters will present their random performances.

As for Russia's second representative in Richmond, Anastasia Tarakanova, she does not make four-fold jumps, although she probably could.

It is a fact that until the summer of 2018 the girl was involved in the Tutberidze group together with Shcherbakova, Trusova and Kostornaya.

There were no official reasons to leave – the girl just went to the academy of Evgeny Plushenko, who quickly put down a video in the instagram of his school, where Tarakanov conducted a complex cascade of double axel – triple toe loop – triple rytberger .

In competitions, the figure skater also counts on 200+ points and when in the final of the Junior Grand Prix in 2017 & # 39; only & # 39; 199.64, the girl immediately announced her disappointment.

"I'm a bit offended because I understand that I can score 200. I really wanted to do this, but in general I'm happy, I'm a maximalist and I always get everything I want," the young sportswoman said. .

Of course, if Shcherbakova performs historical four looting, it will not be possible to catch up, but otherwise there is a real chance that at each stage of the Grand Prix the victory will not be won by the student Tutberidze.

Tarakanova is distinguished by her artistry, which is impressive for her age, and even in technique, even the most skilled rival can give a chance. Her execution of the footpath at one of the training sessions caused an applause from the technical staff of Plushenko.

Strangely enough, Tutberidze Anastasia started spending time on video blogging and regularly uploading videos about her life. When she arrived in Canada, for example, she already succeeded in making a video about her way to the contest, where she said she was doing general physical training at the airport and even in the plane she showed her number in Richmond and asked for support for her.

Evgeni Medvedev after the break with Tutberidze has also clearly added to the activity in social networks. Perhaps this is due to a less strict schedule or the style of work of new coaches? It remains only to see which method will produce a greater result in the competition.

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