Matías Almeyda and Antonio Mohamed would be options to send Cruz Azul from the 2019 opening


The continuity of Pedro Caixinha on the bench of Cruz Azul would not be certain.

The elimination of Cruz Azul at the hands of America did not fall well in the cement directive, which everyone would have under evaluation, including the DT Pedro Caixinha

Although he has divided the Liguilla into two in three tournaments, including a final, and has won the Copa MX title, the The continuity of Portugal is not certain and for that reason they would already have two candidates to take the position.

Rubén Rodríguez of Fox Sports Mexico revealed both of these Antonio Mohamed as Matías Almeyda They are two serious options for reaching the sky bank.

Regardless of the relationship between Turkish and Ricardo Peláez it is not good, this formula stands for success and that is what happened during the 2014 Apertura when both were champions with América.

For its part, the Pelado is the total satisfaction of the board, but the problem is that it has to pay an exit clause San Jose Earthquakes.

It will be this Wednesday when the future of both Caixinha and the rest of the campus will be announced, as Ricardo Peláez will give a talk to talk about it.