Martin Jol reveals what he told Daniel Levy about this summer transfers and that the Spurs have to buy


Former Tottenham Hotspur coach Martin Jol reflected on the challenge of transferring the club and revealed what he said to President Daniel Levy last month.

Tottenham has not bought a new player for nearly 18 months, since he signed Lucas Moura in January 2018, but Jol admitted to told the Spurs president, Levy, in a recent conversation that he understood why.

However, the Dutch popular said there were solutions to help Mauricio Pochettino.

"Last year everyone was talking about not buying any players, but I told Daniel & # 39; who would you buy to replace Christian? Who would you buy to replace Jan? Who would you buy to replace Trippier?" He said.

"Now you can say that people are a bit critical of Trippier, but who would you buy? Aurier? He's already there. If Aurier was at PSG, I'd say buy him for Trippier, but he's already there.

"How many of Danny Rose's best left-backs are there? How many Dele Alli's top 10 numbers when he's behind and scoring? Two years ago he was the best, most penetrating midfielder around.

"Even in Barcelona you could not find better: Iniesta was better on the ball, but he was not setting goals and was approaching with the incredible timing of Dele.

"This season is probably a bit average, but do you really think Pochettino will think I need a better player than Dele Alli now? I don't think so, he will continue to develop it.

"O son, where can you find a better side player or a second Son forward? Can't find it, so the only thing you can think of is getting better replacement or reserve players".

Martin Jol and Mauricio Pochettino

He continued: "How many huge stars will the Spurs go to be a back-up for Kane? It's ridiculous, you won't find them, you have Llorente, mention a back-up player that is better than Llorente. None.

"What they have to do is have young players, but I know their U23 have struggled this season.

"Maybe it's a sign that I'm not exactly where they should be, because if you look at Ajax and the big clubs they have incredible players ready to come. This is the future. You have to develop your players This is what they did with Kane and Winks.

"This is a process and the other one is when you buy spare players, which is not easy, so it's about experience. For example, Van de Beek could buy a lot less in winter because he wasn't always in the team.

"This is what scouts have to do, recognize players, recognize the market, that's the only thing I can say because later it's too late and the Spurs won't pay 50 million pounds or 60 million pounds."

Jol has in particular a player who thinks that Tottenham should make a move this summer and is a player who has already said Ajax will leave the club.

"If I were Spurs, I would go to Hakim Ziyech and then to Donny van de Beek, but now the Ajax can ask for 70 million pounds or 80 million pounds for their stars," the Dutch said.

"The old days are over, it is not possible to get the Ajax players for 12 million pounds or 15 million pounds." That time is over, Tottenham needs scouts and very good people to find players. "

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