Manchester United's Twitter United is digging spectacularly against Chelsea


The only thing worse than losing a home game in the Premier League is having to face your club's pre-game arrogance later, something that Manchester United fans have experienced after losing to Crystal Palace.

The Old Trafford team was stunned by a winner of the stoppage time against the London group, losing 2-1 after drawing a few minutes earlier.

The defeat marked the first victory in the championship at Palace at Old Trafford since 1989, but a tweet pre-match from United's Twitter account really put the icing on the cake for rival fans.

"I wish we were playing with Chelsea again, but …" reads the post.

United beat Chelsea 4-0 in the season opener, but his cheerful tweet got very bad after the team lost Roy Hodgson's crew.

"We're sure you will …" Palace replied after the game.

But it was Chelsea who had the last laugh, responding to the excavation after beating Norwich 3-2 for their first three points of the season.

"How did it go?", He asked Blues Twitter account.

United and Chelsea both have four points after three games of the season.

– Press Association


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