Manchester United is not enough for Perth Stadium to help the city become a major sporting destination



19 July 2019 10:14:50

It has been some incredible months of sport in Western Australia, but after securing a series of great successes at the brand new Perth Stadium, perhaps the biggest challenge of the state lies ahead.

The stadium has helped to raise Perth as a city and has just been named the world's most beautiful sports facility at the UNESCO architecture and design awards of Versailles.

WA is on track to generate $ 100 million in revenue from its winter sports calendar, which included the second game NRL Series State of Origin between Queensland and New South Wales and two Manchester United friendlies against Perth Glory and Leeds United.

The stadium will also host Australia and New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup next month.

"I want to know what Western Australia is doing that Victoria is not doing," said Melbourne's chief executive Kate Roffey.

"The Perth and Western Australia brand has received incredible value in the last two weeks in terms of people seeing Perth as an alternative to Sydney and Melbourne when they come to Australia," he said.

"Being shown (in advertising) at Old Trafford (United's home) and tied to Manchester United, it's not just going to the people sitting at Old Trafford, it's being broadcast all over the world to this massive membership that Manchester United to have.

"The subliminal message is that c & # 39; is another place where I could go and visit, that is Perth, and it is beautiful, it is sunny, it is beautiful and has this beautiful river.

"This is the advertisement that would cost you a fortune."

How Melbourne dominated sports tourism

Ms. Roffey is the former CEO of the Melbourne Committee and currently vice president of Melbourne Football Club, and at the same time leads the development of the new A-League expansion club, the new ground of the Western United.

He previously worked with one of Australia's biggest sports history companies, holding an executive position at Tennis Australia, with Melbourne Park's nearly $ 1 billion rebuilding for the Australian Open.

Ms Roffey said that Melbourne's global appeal as a destination is because the city has been able to constantly secure international events.

"Why does the (Victorian) government want to do this business? Because it is very valuable to have that event," he said.

"They are very few and far between," he said.

"We (also) fought very hard in Victoria some time ago to get the Grand Prix (Formula 1) and people will always complain about the Grand Prix and the money it costs.

"But it brings a very high level supporter and a group of high-end maintenance groups and everything you need in Melbourne in the best hotels, which eat at the best restaurants, who shop in the best stores on Collins Street and inject huge quantities money in the state economy ".

A struggle to stay in the game

Perth's 2019 sports calendar was the nation's envy, but the real challenge is to maintain momentum after the stadium has lost its splendor, without having annual events the size of the Grand Prix and Australian Open tennis.

"It is difficult because now it is necessary to continue to find content and I hope that in the coming years the Victorian government will work a little harder to steal these events," said Mrs. Roffey.

"Those events, those that can really attract significant interstate and international tourism with them, are quite unique.

"It's a big fight all over the world and certainly in Australia now to get it right because governments have finally realized how precious they are."

When attracting events, the most important thing is to attract the international dollar.

Intrastatic visitors are spending money that is already in the state, while interstate travelers are laundering money that is already in the country.

Attracting the international dollar is where the real value is, and that's why hosting sports like tennis and Formula 1 is so valuable.

"Every time someone sees a tennis service, he sees Melbourne and resonates with them," said Mrs. Roffey,

"When (the tourists) arrive in Australia it was traditionally Sydney, the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House.

"Now people think they could go to Melbourne because they saw it on TV and it looks nice and everyone is having fun."

Perth, like Melbourne, has a lot to offer and sport helps the world get noticed.






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19 July 2019 09:22:34

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