Man Utd is in agreement on the output of Alexis Sanchez – the flop should find out Monday in agreement with the Inter | Football | Sport


Alexis Sanchez should find out Monday if his seasonal loan proposed to the Italian giants of the Inter will get the green light.

Manchester United agreed to let the Chilean move to Italy after his move from Arsenal 18 months ago turned into a huge flop.

The Inter, who has already signed Romelu Lukaku, will borrow the former Barcelona star for this season and will have to buy it for around £ 15 million next summer.

Sanchez earns £ 391,000 a week plus another £ 75,000 every time he starts a game, which is causing United to have problems with their mission to download it.

The Inter says they can't afford to take the entire card and they need United to finance some of its salaries on their own, but the two clubs can't agree on how much.

Sanchez, who is eager to escape his Old Trafford hell, has already accepted the move and tomorrow the United bosses will meet the Inter in an attempt to conclude an agreement.

It is understood that there is a willingness on both sides to obtain an agreement beyond the deadline for next week's European transfer.

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer appears to be willing to let Sanchez leave, despite having said he expects him to stay.

"Alexis came in and trained well," the Norwegian said.

"Obviously, it's four or five weeks behind the boys and he hasn't played apart behind closed doors here, so I think he'll also see this as an opportunity to make his mark.

"I expect it to stay. C & # 39; is a striker there that we think will be able to score some goals. "

But the Red Devils hero Gary Neville believes that Sanchez should go.

"I welcomed it when it came to the club because it is a tenacious striker who plays beyond the line and scores goals," Neville told Sky Sports.

"But it was a disaster. I have no idea what happened.

"There must be two. What he played for the Arsenal and Barcelona and then the one that was presented in Manchester.

"They have to get him out of the club."