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Luka Doncic can replace Anthony Davis in the All-Star Game 2019: tapping, tapping …

If he participated in the Rising Stars Challenge this Friday night, Luka Doncic could not really sleep the day before because he learned that he could replace Anthony Davis during the All-Star Game this Sunday. True story? True story.

Completely exhausted from this game between young people, which, as expected, was more of a parody of basketball than anything else, the Slovenian phenomenon after meeting Brad Townsend indicated that it had just been knocked out, partly because of a short night spent in Charlotte . The reason? Anthony Davis, touched in the last game against the Thunder, and was wounded on the shoulder. The same shoulder that needed surgery a few years ago, the kind of shoulder that had already been touched that could force the All-Star to play the game on Sunday night with other star players. For the time being, the information is this. Davis performed an MRI and revealed a simple bruise of this shoulder, for which the giant was not required to draw a line on the big event. However, without saying that everything was right (or not), the Pelikans player said he would make the trip to Charlotte and that he would make his decision based on the progress of his injury. The concern for AD is that the NBA will not wait 10 minutes before the start of the match to know if, yes or no, there will be an alley between him and LeBron for millions of viewers. It is imperative that the League can act when it is necessary to find a replacement, and here the poor Doncic, in a corner, smiles his emotions the day before with the reporter of the Dallas Sporting News.

Has Luka Doncic heard the information about her possible participation in the All-Star Game as a replacement for Anthony Davis? "Of course," he said with a smile. & # 39; That's why I could not sleep tonight. "

The tension is therefore felt on the part of Charlotte, with many elements to take into account. The competition as mentioned at the moment, which can not hang around but also has to rub his hands to the idea of ​​seeing his audience climb when Davis and LeBron play together. The camp of AD, which is certainly aware of the possible buzz it could generate, but here is faced with a shoulder injury that is already applied to a player who has experienced more than one physical problem in his career. All this up to a few months of a probable transfer through the management of New Orleans, also to take into account. Finally the clique of Doncic, who might have some plans for this Sunday and will have to adjust if Luka is expected on the floor of Charlotte. Rudy Gobert and Steven Adams are among the players who also participated in the conversation, but the voices of the fans and the hype are such that Doncic seems to be the first to be retained in case of withdrawal. This situation of stand-by Ambient keeps everyone alert on the side of Dallas, Luka gets the chance to become the first All-Star rookie since Blake Griffin at the beginning of the decade. Not just an achievement, in the already gilded career of the boy wonder Slovenian.

So, Anthony Davis or not Anthony Davis in the All-Star Game? If he does not play, chances are Luka Doncic will be appointed to replace him. But given the brothel around AD lately, we prefer nothing more. I'll see you tonight for a new, more accurate update.

Source: Dallas Sporting News


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