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Liverpool, PSG and Bayern are reportedly working on changing the Champions League to influence all the clubs

The bosses of the Champions League can follow the example of the Premier League by putting a cap for the prices of the one way ticket.

In 2016, the top-flight clubs in English football voted for the implementation of a £ 30 cap on the price of the one-way ticket in the national competition, a cap that has remained ever since.

Now the focus has shifted to European competition after supporters' protests, including when Bayern Munich arrived at Anfield and waved a banner to highlight unfair ticket prices.

Fans hold protest banners before the first match of the UEFA Champions League round 16 between Liverpool and FC Bayern Munich

Both teams of supporters spread the signals on both sections of the lower part of Anfield Road, immediately after the 50 minute mark, for the ecstasies of applause from the rest of the crowd, when both teams faced the Champions League.

The banners read: "Forward ticket: LFC £ 48. FCB € 55.

"€ g € d does not know imitations.

"The winds are abundant."

The Daily Mail reports that UEFA could soon follow the example and put a limit on ticket prices on the road just like the Premier League does.

They say that a working group, set up to investigate the issue of prices in the Champions League, was set up last year and met this season.

The group includes Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain and Liverpool, along with representatives of the European Club Association and UEFA.

The results will be presented to the UEFA Club Competitions Committee ahead of the UEFA Executive Committee meeting in Baku, Azerbaijan, where a cap could be introduced.

Four months ago, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin talked about the issue and said: "We know about the problem. It would be nice to do something to limit prices."

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