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Last minute: the police identify the body of Emiliano Sala – AS Chile

Julio Buffarini, player of Boca Juniors

It is expected that tomorrow the work begins for the repatriation of the body. The family will also participate.

Leandro Paredes, player of PSG, on his Instagram https://colombia.as.com/colombia/2019/02/07/futbol/1549577423_780150.html

Football fans from all over the world send a farewell message Emiliano Sala via social networks.

Fernando Batista, coach of Argentina U-20, he learned the news after defeating Uruguay in the South American and classify the World Cup in Poland. "The classification for the WC is meant to commemorate Emiliano Sala and his family," he said.

The authorities confirm that the body found is that of Emiliano Sala. May he rest in peace.

LAST MINUTE: L: EQUIPE DE FRANCE: The British authorities have just identified the body that was written thirty-six hours ago: it is the Argentinean Emiliano Sala (28 years). The authorities will deliver the remains in the coming hours so that the family can organize the funeral as quickly as possible. https://www.lequipe.fr/Football/Actualites/Le-corps-repeche-est-celui-d-emiliano-sala/986506

We continue without news about the recognition of the body. The police do not communicate anything yet.

Forensic statement: "The coroner examines the circumstances of this death supported by the Dorset police, a postmortem investigation will be carried out in time." Although formal identification has not yet been implemented, the families of Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson have been updated and will continue to receive the support of specially trained family coordinators during this difficult time. "

The relatives of Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson still expect the restored body to be formally identified.The corpse was taken by the ship Geo Ocean III to Portland in Dorset and taken to an ambulance on a stretcher before it was transferred to the coroner.

Yet the British government does not generate any news about the identification of the recovered body. We are still waiting for more information.

The forensic and work with law enforcement agencies to try to identify the body through its autopsy. We keep counting all the news.

We are still waiting for official information about the identification of the body that has been restored from inside the plane.

The relaxation that a video game of Emiliano Sala has made is viral.

New developments are expected with regard to the body that can be found in the plane where Emiliano Sala was traveling. Forensic research should make clear what has happened and identify the body.

We are still waiting for official information about the identification of the body on the plane.

Dorset police statement: "This morning, Thursday, February 7, 2019, the corpse was taken to the port of Portland, Dorset, because this is the closest part of the British mainland where the plane was." The arrival of the body in Dorset has been announced by the coroner of Dorset. The coroner will investigate the circumstances of this death supported by the Dorset police. A post-mortem survey will be carried out in due time. Although formal identification has not yet been carried out, the families of Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson have been updated and will continue to receive official support. specially trained family relationship, in this difficult time.

THERE IS A COMMUNICATION OF DORSET POLICE! On Monday, January 21, 2019, a plane with pilot David Ibbotson and professional footballer Emiliano Sala flew from Nantes to Cardiff when he lost contact with Air Traffic Control, north of Guernsey. Unfortunately, A search and rescue operation was unsuccessful in locating the aircraft and the two occupants. Subsequently, search teams from private funds and AAIB were deployed in the corresponding area. Using specialized equipment, the teams were able to locate and identify the aircraft and a body was recovered.

Sala's sister also confirmed that she will be the one who will take care of Sala's dog after the disappearance of the player.

Romina Sala, the sister of the Argentinian attacker, keeps reminding him of every Instagram post waiting for news to arrive with the identification of the body.

The rescue services ensured that they could not get back the remains of the aircraft before the complicated weather phenomena. Efforts are now focused on identifying the body that is in the plane. The corpse goes to Dorset to clarify the facts with more precision.

The ambulance that transports the body identified by forensic physicians gets police escort. From the port of Portland to Dorset there are about 40 kilometers.

After the body was rescued in the plane after it was found in the sea, the work continues without rest to try to identify whose body has been found. We keep counting all the news that is going on.

The news of the last hours: the "Geo Ocean 3" vessel used by the British Air Accident Investigation Office (AAIB) in this operation, arrived at Portland port at 8:46 am (local and GMT) in the far south of England, the authorities informed. Sala, 28, and his pilot, British David Ibbotson, 59, flew on board a single-engine Piper PA-46- 310P Malibu between France and the United Kingdom on 21 January when they disappeared from the radar about 20 km from the British island of Guernsey, located in the English Channel.

This is the exact moment at which they introduced the body into the ambulance to move it and try to identify it.

We are still waiting for news about the identification of the body on the plane. The families of Emiliano Sala and David Ibbotson look forward to more information.

A private ambulance already transfers the body to the Portland hospital to be investigated and tries to identify it.

This is the moment when the lifeboat, found with the body, arrived in the port of Portland. There will be more details throughout the day.

More of the statement from the AAIB: "The weather forecast is bad for the near future, so the difficult decision was taken to close the general operation. The body is brought to Portland to be cared for by the coroner of Dorset. Although it was not possible to repair the aircraft, it is expected that the extensive video record recorded by the ROV will provide valuable evidence for our safety investigation. We hope that our next update will be an interim report, which we intend to publish within the month following the date of the accident. "

LAST HOUR! THERE IS AAIB UPDATE! "After an extensive visual inspection of the scene of the accident using the remote-controlled vehicle (ROV), it was decided to restore operations. In difficult circumstances, the AAIB and its specialized contractors successfully recovered the body that had been seen in the middle of the remains. The operation was carried out in the most dignified way and the families were informed about the progress. Unfortunately, attempts to repair the aircraft's wreck were unsuccessful before bad weather forced us to bring the ROV back to the ship. "

We are still waiting for news about the body that has been rescued in the plane. No news yet when it comes from Emiliano Sala or the pilot David Ibbotson.

Berenice Schkair, French model and ex-girlfriend of Sala, published a commemorative statue in memory of the Argentinean game.

LAST HOUR !! The body rescued from the bottom of the sea between the wreck of the plane is already on the groundas reported.

To restore the body, vehicles were used remotely in "very unfavorable conditions" and will be transferred to the Portland Island where it will continue with its analysis to try to clarify something more about what happened and whether it is the lifeless body of hall or the pilot David Ibbotson.

In addition, the AAIB reported that they have not been able to repair the wreck of the aircraft for now bad weather conditions.

As reported Sky News from Englandreferring to the AAIBthe body was recovered from the wreck of the plane with great difficulty. The plane was found on Sunday at the bottom of the Channel Sea, on the island Guernsey.

No further details about the operation are known. At this moment it is 23:40 England and it is likely that tomorrow, in the first hour, more will be known about this complicated operation.

LAST MINUTE NEWS !!! They have rescued the body that was in the plane, 67 meters deep.

David Mearns: "The most important thing is the bodyecuperar the body is the most important for each of these families. The plane is a different matter and is related to determining the cause of the accident. But what these families know at the moment is that they both died and that they want their bodies to be restored. & # 39;

The pilot's family has shown emotional homages. His daughter Vicki said: & # 39; Dad, words can not describe how much I'm going to miss you. You are the best father someone would want and I will always love you. I have good memories and will pass them on to everyone I know. A lot of love Vicki. & # 39;

The David Ibbotson family, with a broken heart, paid tribute to the pilot of the plane. David Ibbotson disappeared on January 21 after the plane he was flying to take Nantes to Cardiff crashed on the English Channel. An operation will be set up to restore the remains of the aircraft and provide an answer to the families of the victims. An improvised monument appeared in his hometown Crowle, North Lincolnshire, with floral tribute on the market square.

More from Warnock on Wales Online: "In recent weeks there have been times when I thought & # 39; is it worth a football coach after everything that happened? & # 39; But I really want, I have a responsibility at the club and with Mehmet it is weird, I am 70 years old, but he is like my father. I do not know if that is a compliment, but it is such a soothing influence. & # 39;

Neil Warnock spoke at Wales Online about claims that he wanted to leave the post of coach of Cardiff City. "It was really the worst moment in my career with the tragedy. The ups and downs were incredible, but it's a great job that has grown and I enjoy it. I have spoken with Mehmet Dalman and our relationship is very close, he knows my feelings. "

The novelty of this Wednesday is the theory, which has taken quite, that the pilot tried to water the plane after the engine had failed, something with too much difficulty with the usual conditions of the English Channel.

A spokesperson for the AAIB said Wednesday morning: "The operation is under way and we do not have an update at the moment" after the wreck of the plane was discovered on Sunday afternoon.

Work is continuing on repairing the corpse in the wreck of the plane that the footballer Emiliano Sala and the pilot David Ibbotson transported. The AAIB announced Tuesday night that it uses remote-controlled vehicles (ROVs) to try to restore the body. Then it is decided whether the aircraft, 67 meters under water 21 miles from the coast of Guernsey in the English Channel, must be retrieved.

Like he says Michel Polacco, the pilot could have been forced to water the plane in the English Channel.

News about the possible cause of the accident. Michel Polacco, the French aviation expert, is of the opinion that the plane with Emiliano Sala had problems on the route to Cardiff from Nantes, which meant that he had to consider landing. Polacco told the Europa 1 radio station: "We can think that the plane did not fall, but that the pilot, perhaps after the engine stop, tried to land, which is obviously very difficult to do".

As a curiosity, the one who was goalkeeper in the world champion in the United States 94, Claudio Taffarel, spoke of Emiliano Sala, with whom he shares the second surname: "All Taffarel of Brazil and Argentina have the same origin: a patriarch started the dynasty in the XII and XIII centuries, when he settled in the region of Valle del Veneto. , where today the city is Treviso. With the migration that took place in the 19th century, the surname spread through South America and spread through Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and Santa Catarina. "

The coach of Nantes, Vahid Halilhodzic, remembers Emiliano Sala in the press conference: "In two games we could be in the final, if the draw is friendly to us, then why not to the final?" It would be a gift to pay tribute to the final. room. We returned slowly, after Saint-Etienne and Sannois-Saint-Gratien. It is almost a second start. We are still very fragile, but every victory will increase our mental strength and we will continue on this path, "he said.

Today, Wednesday, it seems the weather conditions are more favorable and could be carried out by allowing the aircraft to land again to try to find the body in the plane.

David Mearns says it is "necessary" for the Piper Malibu N264DBubicado to recover from the seabed. Mearns believes this is the only way to answer questions about why the plane fell with Emiliano Sala and the pilot David Ibbotson. "There are many more possibilities [la familia Sala] get answers when the plane recovers. "

Christian Martin, a journalist who closely follows the search for the plane, reported by Guernsey. "Tide in the English Channel to get what's under water." Estimated explanation: 4 periods in a 24-hour cycle, 1 every 6 hours. They last between 30 and 50 minutes per period: today they were around 5:00, 11: 00h, 17: 00h and 11: 00 pm If there is a strong wind, it is almost impossible to work, is daylight not essential, but it helps, I predict for tomorrow, it is 3 hours later than in Argentina.

First you try to restore the body. If conditions are favorable, an attempt will be made to pull the plane smoothly again. Before reporting any news, the families of Sala and the pilot will be notified first.

They benefit from favorable weather conditions. The problem is that they will not last long according to the predictions, so they have to act quickly.

The possibility of landing the plane again is resumed. A new descent will be made and the divers will decide, in coordination with the authorities, what the best option is.

Sala & # 39; s father spoke to the press: "I hope they restore the body as quickly as possible to find out what happened, thanks to all the players who have helped, it is very expensive to conduct such a search and thank all the people who have supported us . "

The news is that it is try to get the body out of the plane to find out if it is the hall or the pilots. It is a very delicate operation.

This image is viral. The sister of hall has uploaded a photo to Instagram of the player's dog. "She is also waiting for you," she says.

The family of hall ask it desperately Show the plane. At this moment it is unknown who the body is inside.

"The possibility that the shipwreck will not be lifted is also not excluded. At the moment we are still doing research, all I can say is that an announcement will be made when we can, "he added. James Hotson

James Hotson, a spokesperson for the AAIB, said: "We are currently working under water when the conditions allow the vehicle operated with the remote control (ROV) to go down. We can give no indication at the moment that it is going to rise and we have given no indication at the moment that we are going up. "

The marine scientist who led the mission that the plane found nearly two weeks after his disappearance, David Mearns, said that it is "imperative" to restore the ship and provide answers to the friends and relatives of the victims. But the AAIB has now confirmed that there is no time scale in the restoration operation, because the movements of the tides and currents could interrupt their work.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) has issued an update on the recovery mission of Emiliano Sala. They have revealed that A deadline has not yet been fixed for lifting the crash of the aircraft with the forward, Emiliano Sala, and the City of Cardiff driver, David Ibbotson.

Remember other news of the day, published by the Sun & # 39; The coach of Cardiff City, Neil Warnock, would consider leaving his position after the emotional charge of the last few days after playing a key role in the signing of Emiliano Sala for the set from Wales.

We are still waiting for news about the identity of the body that was seen yesterday in the remains of the plane in which Emiliano Sala traveled.

There are still thousands of tweets per hour with the message from #PrayForSala

As published "Wales Online & # 39 ;, in Cardiff, they study what they should do after seeing the mobilization of so many people with Emiliano Sala.

In the interview with Clarín, Juan del Azar It also talks about the sounds heard in the WhatsApp audio, filtered by the media: "We can speculate: there might be some ice, but I did not hear the sound. If this person was not qualified to fly with instruments, he would never end up in a cloud. I should have been flying very low altitude above the English channel. With that there is no ice. "

Follow Juan del Azar in Clarín about the pilot: "For some reason Henderson delegates this flight to Mr. Ibbotson, who apparently was a plumber." What now seems to be an illegal air taxi operation is now getting worse with a legal air taxi with an unskilled pilot, according to the information we have. "

About Henderson, the pilot who was destined to steer the plane but did not do it, also speaks Del Azar in Clarín: "It is a pilot who is called" ferry pilot "on pilots carrying aircraft from one place to another. And Henderson has a lot of experience with this type of aircraft. If someone buys a plane in Kansas, USA, but lives in France and you have to take it from one side to the other, Henderson does this kind of thing. The information we have is that Henderson hired football players and hired by (Willie) McKay. "

"We have to wait for more information, because we can only speculate now, but if this is an illegal commercial operation, it would be a very big negligence case, because if it is a private operation, it can not be charged. can be done to divide the cost of a trip, but can not be charged even with a commercial license.The commercial license of a pilot empowers him to fly in a commercial operation, which is regulated by very strict rules ", says Juan del Azar Horn.

Juan del Azar, an aviation expert, spoke about the reasons that could lead to the plane crash: "It would be a case of gross negligence for illegal commercial exploitation according to the data that exists so far".

The family of the pilot David Ibbotson, through his daughter Vicki, has given emotional obeisances to his father: & # 39; Dad, words can not describe how much I'm going to miss you. You are the best father anyone can wish for and I will always love you. I have memories and will pass them on to everyone I know. All my love Vicki. "

David Mearns: "They need time, now that there is no hope to find them alive, or to cry. Many people have donated more than 5,000. We believe it is necessary that they know with complete transparency what has happened ".

The latest news from David Mearns: "The AAIB has a mission: Determine the causes of the accident. It does not necessarily include the return of human remains. But in this case the plane was found. Why participate in these searches, locate the plane and then decide not to restore it? Especially if there is a body. If this plane had fallen into a field, the AAIB would have put it in a shed to study it. They would also have restored the bodies. What is the difference between an airplane in the water and on land? It costs more money. It is expensive, but How much money is spent on these two families? There is no point in participating in this investigation, finding the plane, which can help you find clues about what happened and give it up. & # 39;

David Mearns, in an interview with & # 39; L & # 39; Equipe & # 39; about reinstalling the wreck of the aircraft: "It is expensive, but what does money add to the desire of two families? It is a delicate but possible operation." Airplanes have already been found in deeper waters. "

Horacio Sala, father of Emiliano: "We hope they can save him as soon as possible to find out what happened, or at least have a certain degree of certainty."

Mearns also spoke about the body found in the wreck of the plane on Monday: "The body is not identified – I have not seen it, the other ship has cameras that could see the remains, and even the AAIB has not known what kind of body it was."

David Mearns: "I contacted Emiliano Sala's family via SMS on Sunday and through Emiliano's agent, and the family urgently wants the plane to recover. They felt that they had done more than what a normal family would have done by collecting this money to search as quickly as possible privately and now they feel that it is the responsibility of the government to take the next step. That was clear in my conversations with the AAIB. Now we are talking about an accident scene and the police are involved. & # 39;

As in the Sun & # 39; noted, Cardiff fears that Neil Warnock, his coach, leaves the post because of the great emotional effort these days after the disappearance of Emiliano Sala.

The sister of Emiliano Sala has shared a heartbreaking picture of the dog of the footballer who waits patiently for him to return home. Sala's sister, Romina, placed the Facebook image of the rescued dog Nala looking into the distance. They subtitled: "Nala is waiting for you too" .https: //www.facebook.com/photo.php? Fbid = 10218362307552885 & set = a.10202473450061378 & type = 3 & theater

Despite all efforts, both manually and economically, It is not yet known whether the work will be resumed on Tuesday …

He has confirmed to the French press the two ships that help tow the aircraft: "There were two research vessels, ours, funded by donations, the other was launched by the British government (through the AAIB, the Air Accident Investigation Section), a 77-meter, 3,000-ton ship, smaller, 19 meters, but in terms of technology. both had pretty much the same thing, "he says.

David Mearns, the research manager of the aircraft that Emiliano Sala transported, found the plane. After hours of searching, they fear Tuesday that towing is not being carried out for economic reasons.

There is still hope …

The family still has hope. Romina, the sister of Emiliano Sala, has spoken through her social networks.

New information comes to light. Maximiliano Duarte, a friend of the Argentinian, points directly to the representative of the footballer, Willie McKay, because he had him catch the flight. They accuse him of having forced him to take that plane …"There is a great truth behind all this and there is a guilty party because Emiliano never decided to step into that plane, Emi was forced to get on the plane."

Good morning! This Tuesday will resume the search tasks of Emiliano Sala.

There is no news in the last hour. The rescue team continues to work fully.

The ex-girlfriend of the vanished front, Emiliano Sala, has asked to send prayers after a body has been found.

"I am sure that the search and rescue attempt that took place here was one of the largest in recent history, in terms of the number of ships, the number of aircraft that it was looking for."

Mearns He said: "There must be no criticism at first of the search and rescue efforts, that is very different from what we were doing."

David Mearns, who carried out the private search that found the wreck of the plane they were carrying Emiliano Sala and David Ibottson, defended the initial search that could not find the answers.

Latest information. Source: Mirror. The retrieval of the plane carried by Emiliano Sala is "necessary" to give answers to his family, according to the man who found the remains. "We inform them at every step of what is happening and they make clear what their priorities are," said marine scientist David Mearns. "There is much more chance that they will receive answers if (the plane is) restored." (The AAIB) can throw things away or throw things away, that's the normal research process for every crash, so I think it's absolutely necessary to repair the plane, and now we know that someone is there. "

Sala & # 39; s father was also desolate in dialogue with & # 39; FOX Sports & # 39 ;: "We can not believe, we hope that the two bodies are found and both are there to relieve the pain a bit more, that's it, the only thing I hope is that they think it's there, that it's the plane has not left because it is going to be difficult. "

The father of Emiliano Sala, Horacio, spoke in & # 39; El Trece & # 39 ;: "Now the illusion is over, let's hope the two bodies are there." There are no more words to say. At least we had news after 15 days of desperation. I did not speak to my children anymore. I hear about the networks, I have not talked anymore. & # 39;

Remember the words of David Maers: "I can only say that there are many remnants of the aircraft on the seabed. We found it at a depth of 63 meters at two hours. We identify it on the basis of the registration number. What surprised us the most is that it is almost the whole plane. We expected to find debris … but most of it is there. If you can dive, you can get more information. That Sala's body is there is a possibility. "

More information about the exact place where the remains of the Sala de Avioenta have been found.

The remains of the aircraft with Cardiff City ahead Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson were found at the foot of the English Channel and the authorities discovered a body on board. We are still waiting for more news.

De hele wereld houdt zijn adem in wachtend op goed nieuws.

Vergeet niet dat het nieuws van de dag de vondst is van een lichaam in het vliegtuig waarin Emiliano Sala reisde, van Nantes tot Cardiff. Voorlopig is er nog geen officiële informatie over.

La conmovedora publicación de la hermana de Sala en su Instagram.

Es muy poco probable que AAIB haga más comentarios hasta que se publique un informe provisional antes del 21 de febrero, un mes después de ocurrido el accidente.

La operación de recuperación para rescatar los restos del avión de Emiliano Sala probablemente comenzará el martes. AAIB confirmó que ahora están considerando sus próximos pasos en una breve declaración y estaban trabajando con las familias de Sala e Ibbotson y la policía.

Imágenes facilitadas por AAIB del lugar exacto en el que se han encontrado los restos del avión.

Más del comunicado: "Sobre la base del análisis de las secuencias de video de ROV, los investigadores de la AAIB a bordo del barco concluyeron que el objeto son restos del avión Piper Malibu faltante, registro N264DB. El ROV realizó una búsqueda adicional en el área durante la noche, pero no identificó ninguna pieza adicional de restos. Trágicamente, en las imágenes de video del ROV, un ocupante es visible en medio de los restos. La AAIB ahora está considerando los próximos pasos, en consulta con las familias del piloto y el pasajero, y la policía. La imagen muestra el lado trasero izquierdo del fuselaje, incluida una parte del registro de la aeronave. Tenemos la intención de publicar un informe provisional en el plazo de un mes a partir del accidente".

El comunicado íntegro de Sección de Investigación de Accidentes Aéreos: "Habiendo identificado un área de búsqueda prioritaria la semana pasada, la AAIB acordó una estrategia de búsqueda con Blue Water Recoveries Ltd para maximizar la posibilidad de localizar los restos de la aeronave. El buque especialista encargado de AAIB, Geo Ocean III y Blue Water Recoveries Ltd., encargó FPV Morven y el área de búsqueda se dividió entre los buques. Ambas embarcaciones iniciaron su búsqueda en la mañana del domingo 3 de febrero. Al principio de la búsqueda, el Morven identificó un objeto de interés en el fondo marino utilizando su equipo de sonar de barrido lateral. Despejó el área inmediata para que Geo Ocean III usara su vehículo submarino operado a distancia (ROV) para inspeccionar el área del fondo marino en el que se encontraba el objeto".

La Sección de Investigación de Accidentes Aéreos ha visto un cuerpo, que podría ser el de Emiliano Sala. Contamos todas las novedades al respecto.

David Mearns, sobre la hermana de Emiliano Sala. "Sentí que esa chica necesitaba ayuda y por eso ofrecí mi ayuda. Soy un aficionado al fútbol. Cardiff no es mi ciudad, pero sigo al fútbol. Me sentí muy mal por ella, quería ayudar. Resulta que soy una persona con esta experiencia y habilidad y podría hacer eso. Para agregar a esto, este era un hombre en el apogeo de su vida. Es tan tremendamente triste".

Habrá una declaración completa de la Oficina de Investigación de Accidentes Aéreos del Reino Unido a la hora del almuerzo sobre los restos de la avioneta encontrados ayer.

David Mearns, sobre los restos del avión: "Vieron el número de registro. La mayor sorpresa fue que la mayor parte del avión estaba allí. Esperábamos encontrar un campo de escombros. Está roto pero la mayor parte está ahí. El siguiente paso es bajar a la AAIB. Han contratado el barco que están utilizando durante tres días, por lo que tienen al menos dos días en virtud de ese contrato".

Más de David Mearns: "Estuve en contacto con la familia de Emiliano Sala anoche por mensaje de texto y por medio del agente de Emiliano, y la familia desea desesperadamente que el avión se recupere. Sentían que habían hecho más allá de lo que cualquier tipo de familia normal hubiera hecho al recaudar este dinero para hacer la búsqueda privada tan rápido y ahora sienten que es responsabilidad del Gobierno dar el siguiente paso. Eso quedó claro en mis reuniones con la AAIB. Ahora estamos hablando de la escena del accidente y la policía está involucrada".

Tal y como afirma Mirror, es poco probable que los AAIB trabajen para recuperar los restos hoy. Se espera que las condiciones alrededor de las Islas del Canal de la Mancha sean difíciles y ventosas hasta tarde durante el día de hoy.

David Mearns, quien dirigió la búsqueda de Sala durante los primera días, no se mostró muy confiado en que se encuentre el cuerpo del jugador y del piloto: "Esperábamos encontrar un campo de escombros, está roto, pero la mayor parte está allí. Que los cuerpos sigan en el interior es una posibilidad, y también lo estarán planificando, por lo que hay algunas cosas que la AAIB debe considerar, pero su función principal obviamente es llevar a cabo una investigación de las causas de este accidente".

Horacio Sala, padre de Emiliano, se mostró desolado tras la noticia de que habían encontrado los restos de la avioneta. "No lo puedo creer, estoy desesperado. Mi mujer, mis dos hijos y algunos amigos de Emiliano están allá. Hoy no me comuniqué con nadie. Hablo todos los días, pero como mi teléfono no tiene Whatsapp me cuesta llamarlos o que me llamen".

Tras varios días y retomar la búsqueda de los restos de la avioneta en la que viajaba el jugador, este domingo se encontraron en el Canal de la Mancha los restos del mismo. David Mearns, el especialista al mando de la exploración, se ha encargado de confirmar la noticia: "Los restos del avión que llevaba a Emiliano Sala y que estaba pilotado por David Ibbotson fueron encontrados esta mañana por el FPV MORVEN. Todos los detalles, aquí.

Bienvenidos al minuto a minuto de la última hora sobre la búsqueda de Emiliano Sala.

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