Kai Havertz: The slightly different mega talent


Munich – If you are talking about Kai Havertz it is handy to start with another player. Another career. With a career that did not go as planned.

Sinan Kurt was a great talent, a gifted technician, with a great future. He had just turned 18 and the door was open for him. Someone who had all the options. Although he was still without Bundesliga, but he had Borussia Mönchengladbach as a club, Lucien Favre as a coach – the best conditions for a gem that only had to be ground.

At that time, Kurt decided to go to Bayern with great courage.

Five years later, the message is circulating that WSG Wattens has risen to the first Austrian league. In the Tyrolean team: Sinan Kurt, actually since he changed his face when it comes to brutally failed talents.

Ordinary players and service providers

Yes, Kai Havertz is much further this summer than Kurt when he moved. Havertz has been a regular player at Bayer Leverkusen for about a year and a half, is a top performer, is a national player and is 19 years old.

And also in the coming season at Bayer. Despite an alleged offer of more than 90 (!) Million euros from Bayern. And not only the record champion should be interested in Havertz.

But he remains in Leverkusen.

What the midfielder can use with it: a careful construction for today's fast and performance-oriented time. The ability to slow down, to escape the pressure, not to be burned. The slightly longer use of the much-praised wellness oasis Leverkusen instead of the shark basin Munich can be quite useful. The best for everyone: there they will be, the young stars, who need the move to Munich for their development, the competition, the very high German and international level. But everything in its time.

Havertz runs the development cycle. But sports director Rudi Völler of Leverkusen is so euphoric about the selection that he himself raises the bar a few meters higher.

Long anthem of praise

"He is clearly the German player for the next ten years," Völler told the kicker. And don't stop with the hymn of praise.

"He is fast, persistent, good in the air, tough, technically perfect, his understanding of the game is excellent, and he thinks defensively and does things with a lightness so that others look after hard work," says Völler.

Havertz is sober and grounded for this. "There is absolutely no risk of grip," says Völler, who only makes the Havertz player more valuable.

Mix of Özil and Ballack

Therefore, it would be a "fundamentally important decision" that Havertz, "one of the most requested players in Europe," stay in Leverkusen, Völler said, "He has no limits on football." A mix of Mesut Özil and Michael Ballack: As elegant as Özil, "from the physical development, robustness, header strength and keeping as Michael in his top years," Völler emphasized 17 goals in 34 games last season, his former coach Heiko Herrlich told him a "world career" ahead.

National coach Joachim Loew was also impressed when Havertz first appeared on the national team last September. He is now firmly planned, also for the European Qualifiers Championship in Belarus and Estonia. Although he could even win the U21 European Championship (June 16-30), but in Italy and San Marino, but not there.

"With him, after the first training session, I asked myself if he would have been with us for a year or two, which I have rarely seen with a player," said Low, who also warns: "He will be a few more. They have to jump over obstacles and they are high. "

The good thing: Havertz knows that: he reflects, arranges things, is careful, graduated from high school in 2017 and has been living alone for more than two years now, has moved home at the age of 15 to stay with a host family and with Bayer to start.

Stay on the ground

The family is essential, his parents told him: "that arrogance or arrogance is really worthless to strive for". You better stay on the carpet. Or figuratively in Leverkusen, when the whole world is crazy about a coming world star. Only then is it on the ground and to stay calm. And in the midst of all the hype about his person, he seems so carefree that he hopes that he can do exactly that.

Nevertheless, he has grown up, he takes responsibility. For yourself. And for his career, which is currently going according to plan.

Andreas Reiners

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