Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt is baffled by Manchester United thinking he would have put on weight


Everyone hates a transfer saga that will drag on forever (we're looking at Leroy Sane and Callum Hudson-Odoi).

This was the case for Matthijs de Ligt, former central defender of the Ajax, who brooded on his options on where to spend the next phase of his career. Before putting the signature on a contract from the old ladyDe Ligt was chased by Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, ​​Liverpool, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain along with others.

One of the strangest secondary stories of De Ligt's transfer was the Manchester United theory that De Ligt may not be a good signing because it could put on weight in the future. In 2018, the Manchester United Dutch scout, Marcel Bout, thought that De Ligt would become fat and slow looking at De Ligt's father, Frank. The prediction that De Ligt would start destroying donuts eventually pushed United to switch to De Ligt last summer, when he was probably cheaper and more willing to join the Red Devils.

When the original story broke, The mirror reported the following:

Manchester United lost the chance to sign Matthijs De Ligt – because he was told he would become too fat. Skipper Ajax De Ligt has emerged as one of the most sought-after defenders in Europe, with the central defender sparking a £ 75m team for his signature this summer. United, who in a desperate attempt to sign a central defender this summer, could have signed De Ligt for less than that last season, but decided not to do so due to concerns about his weight.

The Dutch scout Marcel Bout, who was brought by Louis van Gaal and remained in his role despite the former dismissal of the United manager, extensively explored De Ligt and recommended him to the club. But Bout told United that De Ligt's father, Frank, was significantly overweight and predicted that the 19-year-old Dutch national would do the same over the years and lose speed and power.

A scout who assumed that his father was "significantly overweight" allegedly prevented De Ligt from making a move last summer (for the record, we looked for photos of Frank De Ligt and found nothing to make him look morbidly obese, obese or even a little obese … not that it's important anyway … and maybe we missed an interesting photo, but really … who cares?).

Now that De Ligt has finally settled in Turin, the Dutch international is completely confused as to why someone is projecting that they will let their pounds be packed right at the start of what looks like a phenomenal career ahead of he. SUCH AS caught a report of Voetbal International and De Ligt seemed a little troubled by the whole story and seemed relieved that he no longer had anything to do with the rumor mill:

Every day there was something new. Suddenly, my father was too fat and that's why one of the clubs didn't want me. This makes you go, "Come on, man …"

When it comes to his logic about why he chose Juventus – apart the old lady not projecting that he will be chubby – De Ligt said his salary was not a primary concern:

The money had no role in my choice for a new club.

Oh well, maybe being a fat player soon isn't so bad; certainly seems to work well for De Ligt. The supposed central defenders seem to be all the rage anyway in this offseason.

It is correct: Bayern Munich had its "Fat-gate" with Niklas Sule. So, whether you're a Juventus fan or a Bayern fan, keep your head – and not your hips – on a swivel … you never know when a paunchy center-back could be engaged on the pitch in a stadium near you!