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Jordan Pickford removes Xbox controller tweet after Everton fan & # 39; backlash & # 39;

Jordan Pickford deleted a tweet from a new Xbox controller after a & # 39; kickback & # 39; of the color.

The international keeper from England seemed to have received a gift from the Microsoft gaming company and clothing brand Fresh Ego Kid from a new controller.

However, after tweeting a picture of his present, the 25-year-old was quickly answering answers that it was red.

A section of Evertonians caused some ironic reactions to the Blues star after he had seen the photo himself – with much knowledge that the former Sunderland man has clear connections with the color.

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However, the tweet was only live for about half an hour before it was removed by Pickford – despite the fact that most of the answers from Everton fans were a joke.

Former blues manager Ronald Koeman experienced a similar incident when he tweeted a photo of his Christmas tree in 2016.

Again, he was subject to a number of tongue-in-cheek responses to the photo, but he did not delete his tweet.

Instead, the Dutch manager shares a photo of a Christmas tree that is mainly decorated in white colors, instead of red.

The boss was addressed at a later press conference about his & # 39; error & # 39; and said, "It was a big mistake for my wife, put her under pressure!"


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