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I do not understand why people do not like the truth about him & # 39; – Lukaku defends Mourinho

The Portuguese manager was confronted with criticism this season, but the Belgian star has come to his defense

Romelu Lukaku has defended Jose Mourinho against criticism that suggests that Manchester United's manager is too strict with his players.

Lukaku struck when United again rebounded to winning roads in Burnley before the international break, but Mourinho's men are six points from the top of the Premier League table after defeats against Tottenham and Brighton and Hove Albion.

Mourinho was forced to deny a break with stiff midfielder Paul Pogba, while his association with Luke Shaw lifted his eyebrows last season, although the left back has since earned a recall in England.

And Lukaku feels that Mourinho's approach with players is the right one to take if United attempts to start a title challenge after 19 points behind Manchester City last term.

"People know one side of him, he is a winner," Lukaku told BBC Sport. & # 39; But what I like about him is that he will not fake his emotions. If he's angry, you know he's crazy. If he is happy, you will see that he is happy.

"I do not understand why people do not like the truth about him. When he is angry with me, I know that he is angry with me and I try to do what he wants, so that he is happy again.

"Sometimes footballers, we get a little soft, when I listen to players from the past and present, a manager can not say what he wants because you feel attacked.

"But I do not feel attacked because that is who I am – I am a tough man, but that does not come from football, that comes from my background.

"My relationship with him is cool, he makes me laugh, he makes the players laugh, he is a real family man, he fights for his players, but he is real, if you are not happy, you need your emotions.

"People need to know that, at least there are people who are real in this world like him, because most managers in the competition, when they are not happy, try to find a way to look happy.

"You have to respect that he wants to retain his own personality and does not want to avoid the confrontation, he really wants us to improve." He is a normal guy, we can get along well, he is cool with everyone. "

Lukaku hit 18 Premier League-goals in his first United season after signing Everton, while he helped Belgium reach the semi-finals of the World Championship with four goals at Russia 2018.

But the striker continues to strive for improvement despite achieving 104 Premier League goals at the age of 25.

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"I try to watch as many games as possible from the season before, the mistakes I made and the points that I can improve", added Lukaku. "In the first week we come in to analyze what I want to work on all season.

"The reason that I score more and more goals season after season is that I know my mistakes from the past, I know my strengths and I work on my strengths, but I want to get the small points better and steadily.

"Football is what, 15 years? I want to invest 100% of my life in the game, so if it's all said and done, I do not want to regret it."


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