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How Ahli players appeared in their first game after the defeat of Sun Downs. The speech is back

Follow up: Islam Osama

The first team of the Al Ahly soccer team returned to team training at the Mokhtar Tch stadium on the island after Sun Downs defeated five clean in the quarter finals of the African Champions League.

Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahli club, held a session with the players before the start of the game and spoke angrily about what happened and the heavy defeat the team received in the hands of the South African team .

A reporter reported El-Ahly.com That Al Ahly players appeared in the state of sadness and Scott in the field of Mokhtar Tet stadium on the island since the first moments on the field until the beginning of the game.

Ahli goalkeeper Sharif Ikrami wanted to talk to the players without the technical staff to talk about Sun Downs' defeat and ask them to focus in the next games in a 15-minute session.

After the end of Ahli goalkeeper from his own meeting with the players, the technical staff was led by Martin Lasarte to meet the entire team before giving them the signal of the departure of Al-Muran, who came to the hospital for the basic group of players and physically for the rest.

After the launch, Al-Ahli & # 39; s chairman, Mahmoud Al-Khatib, wanted to return to the Tennis Stadium to attend the training after he left to inspect the stadiums.



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