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Guingamp-Bordeaux: Will Briand return to Roudourou? If so, it looks "very heated"

Jimmy Briand could return to Guingamp on Sunday. – Georges Gobet / AFP

  • Beyond a private dispute with some of his former teammates, the Breton club has still not digested the departure of Jimmy Briand for Bordeaux this summer.
  • Trailers promise him a very difficult return on the stands, but also in the field.

It was a tweet that no one had missed. That of Nicolas Benezet, 10 August. A few minutes after the formalization of the arrival of Jimmy Briand to the
Girondins de Bordeaux, the midfielder tweets a video in which he fires the flames of a barbecue with the shirt of his former teammate. Should we see something wrong? Absolutely not for the author: "We are very close, there is no problem between him and me, there is no problem, I'm glad he signed in Bordeaux."

In any case, there are others who are not at all satisfied with the choice of Jimmy Briand. And it is not just someone: Antoine Kombouaré and Bertrand Desplat, coach and president of En Avant Guingamp respectively. "I am disappointed, it will be an opponent now, I would even say an enemy, now he is in the opposite camp, too bad for him", says the coach in the telegram9 August. The president offers
Ouest-France, September 4: "The moral injury is that I will not say forever … But if it is certain, it is generally a very black character that we discovered, but today that man does not interest me anymore."

Words of rare violence against their former captain. So why are some Guingampais so hated by Jimmy Briand?

In a situation that has become untenable, he would not have kept his word

First of all, there was a completely private problem in the wardrobe of the En Avant Guingamp in low season. "He just could not stay at the club because of very strong tensions with some of his teammates", says a club expert 20 minutes. To the point that the player became ill at the beginning of the season, until the club finds a way out.

It was to take him to the Montreal Impact. But the company turned upside down at the last minute. Faced with this situation, the player has to find another club but Jimmy Briand has a moral agreement with the En Avant according to his leaders at that moment: he can sign where he wants to share in another club league. In spite of this, Bordeaux seized the opportunity to sign it this summer, which of course caused an enormous anger on the part of the Bretons.

"If it comes, it can quickly degenerate on the ground"

If Antoine Kombouaré is no longer surprised, these kinds of things that can happen in football, Bertrand Desplat will not lose the attitude of his former captain at all. "My disappointment is equal to the affection and confidence I felt for him." Indeed, Jimmy Briand has become a popular player over the years and this is why the pill is not over, especially with fans like Bastien:

He was the captain (32 goals and 13 assists in 118 games played). An example for everyone. That is why we have the bad. He did not keep his word and we will not even talk about his attitude with his teammates. It's really not terrible. "

If we do not know yet whether Jimmy Briand will travel to Roudourou on Sunday, Bastien promises a return "very hot with whistles, even if it is not in the habits of the house and especially as a bowl, it can quickly degenerate on the ground . "Faced with this very specific context, the coach guingampais preferred to calm down the game:" The problem on Sunday is not Jimmy Briand, but how you can find the solutions to beat Bordeaux. football …

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