four day cricket test, MCC statement

The influential Marylebone Cricket Club has condemned plans to introduce four-day trial matches in 2023 after the overwhelming disapproval of players and fans.

The International Cricket Council last month revealed its intention to change the longer format of the game, provoking protests not only from cricket traditionalists, but more importantly, from players.

The CCM, the respected cricketers who reside in Lord’s, issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the reduction was no longer considered, although there were “some benefits” for four-day games, mainly monetary.

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“MCC has noted the recent discussion about the future of the Cricket Test and ICC’s desire to discuss the introduction of the four-day cricket test to replace the current five-day format at the 2023 World Test Championship,” the statement said. .

“The MCC Cricket Committee and the MCC World Cricket Committee have recently discussed the issue and, although they can see some benefits that the four-day trial cricket could bring, both committees believe the trial cricket should continue to play for five days”.

The ICC plans to discuss the four-day test proposal in March, and it would be silly to ignore the wishes of the MCC.

Multiple high-profile cricketers have expressed distrust in the four-day tests, claiming that it would adversely affect the quality of the cricket.

Speaking in The non-playable podcastAustralian spinning player Nathan Lyon said going with four-day cricket would be “ridiculous.”

“If you watch all the great matches in the world and some of the best test matches in which I participated, they are reduced to the last day,” Lyon said.

“You look at (Australia) against India in Adelaide in 2014, which dropped to the last half hour on the fifth day. Then you look at Cape Town in 2014 too, you watch that Test match where Ryan Harris knocked down Morne Morkel with two overs to play, so that has been reduced to the last ten minutes on a day five.

“I’m not a fan of the four-day test games. I think you’ll get many more draws and day five is crucial.”

The current Australian captain, Tim Paine, also opposed the change, noting the recent Ashes series that saw several tests requiring the full five days before obtaining a result.

“We could not have obtained a result in the ashes if we had done that. I think that’s the point of difference with Cricket Test, “said Paine.

“It’s five days, it’s harder mentally, it’s harder physically and tests players more than the four days of first-class games.”

“I think that’s what it’s designed for. I hope it stays that way.”

Ashes hero Ben Stokes also succeeded in the concept, labeling the four-day Tests as “Easy Cricket.”

“The cricket test is not done for four days, it is done for five,” Stokes said after being named man of the game in the victory of 189 England races in Newlands.

“It’s called a cricket test for a reason. Change it to” easy cricket “if they do it four days.”

The most scathing criticism came from the cricket master and Indian captain Virat Kohli, who blatantly discarded the idea of ​​four-day trials.

“I am not a fan. I think the intention will not be correct then because then you will talk about the three-day tests, I mean, where do you end up? Then you will talk about Test cricket disappearing. I don’t agree with that at all, “Kohli said.

“I don’t think it’s fair for the purest format of the game. How the cricket started initially and the five-day test matches was the highest test it can have internationally. According to me, it shouldn’t be altered.”

Australia won all five test matches against Pakistan and New Zealand during the local summer in four days. However, Australian vice-captain Travis Head assured reporters that those results were a rarity.

“Five days are the last tests,” said Head.

“We have gone through a rare period in which we have been able to win tests in four days. But it is quite rare.

However, Cricket Australia CEO Kevin Roberts did not oppose the idea, suggesting that the four-day trial cricket was something to “seriously consider.”

“I think it’s something we should seriously consider. It’s something that can’t be driven by emotion, it has to be driven by facts,” Roberts told SEN Test Cricket.

“We will go deeper into the facts and see what they tell us about the recent duration of the test matches and get it out of there.”

Australia currently ranks second in the ICC World Test Championship, behind India. The final will be played at Lord’s in June 2021.


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