Footage – Ahmed Juma & # 39; a recorded and the faithful Zacarias misses in the victory of one in the Faisali district – in the Joule


Ahmed Juma scored for the first time and won one club on Al-Faisali in the fourth quarter of the Saudi competition.

Ahli defeated Al Faisaly 4-0 in the 19th round of the Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Cup.

In the third minute, the Al-Ahli club was promoted by Mohammed Attia. The cross was met by Ahmed Gomaa Ttsweiba, the goalkeeper directed her and pursued her goal.

Saqr Atif added a second goal to one in the 47th minute.

The first half did not end here, Faisali narrowed the gap in the fifth minute lost by Hamdan Al-Shamrani, to finish the first half with a 2-0 lead.

In the second half, Ahmed Gomaa added a third goal to one in the 47th minute. Crossing in the 48th minute from the right, Ahmed Juma hit the goal before goalkeeper Faisali scored third goal for one.

Gomaa scored the fourth goal in the 53rd minute with a header and the goalkeeper turned it to a corner.

Eventually, Adolf Tico added the fourth goal in the 76th minute with a new header.

Ahmed Juma took the lead in the 77th minute for Ali Asmari, while Mamin Zacarias continued the entire meeting without payment, and ended the meeting with one of four goals against a goal.

Juma, the 30-year-old, plays for the second time since joining the team during the transfer window of January, loaned from the Egyptian club to the club until the end of the season.

Ahli's club has another Egyptian player, Zacarias Al Maar, who plays for Al Ahly until the end of the season.

The victory from one point to the 12th point on the 16th place and the last in the ranking of the Saudi Arabian division, and a point from the Union of Jeddah, the 15th place for the final game of that round.

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