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"Fly and do not be afraid": a contest in memory of Alexey Cherepanov started in Omsk

Every year, on 13 October, the association for the promotion of physical education, contemporary dance and sport, named after Alexei Cherepanov, draws the attention of Omsk citizens, the public and everyone who is not indifferent to the future of Russia. And hold a contest, whose motto is the words from the favorite song of Alexei "fly and do not be afraid".

"October 13th is the Day of Remembrance of the excellent Omsk hockey player Alexey Cherepanov, a young man who drew the attention of the world at a young age, 10 years he is no longer with us Alexey was not only a talented athlete, his human qualities were not inferior to sport. "The life and sport activities of Alexei Cherepanov, a simple man with a solid lifestyle, can become an example for the upbringing of the younger generation", – The organizers of the competition reported on their page on the social network VKontakte.

That is why the association collects talented people in Omsk for the fifth time in a row. The competition this year brings together more than 600 participants of different ages.

The first round began on Friday 12 October. It takes place in the recreation center "Shinnik". It was to this palace, after the closing of the Arena Omsk, that the Aleksey Cherepanov Memorial moved. The participants will be judged by a competent jury, consisting of the People & # 39; s Artist of the Russian Federation, Professor Omsk State University. FM Dostoevsky, headmaster of the scene of the Omsk music theater Vladimir Nikeev; Honored artist of Russia, author of the methodology for classical choreography, soloist of the Mariinsky theater Ilya Kuznetsov; composer, producer, laureate of international and all Russian competitions Alexei Galizdra and others.

And tomorrow, October 13, at 12 o'clock in the concert hall of the Omsk Philharmonic Society will be a solemn reward for participants and a gala concert of the winners.

Remember that Omsk Avangard striker Alexei Cherepanov died on October 13, 2008 during the match of the Kontinental Hockey League regular championship with Vityaz. His heart stopped. Cherepanov – the winner of the junior world championship, silver and bronze medalist of the youth world championships. As part of Avangard he became the bronze medal of the Russian championship season 2006/07. In Barnaul there is an arena named after Alexey Cherepanov.


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