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by Jan Kirschner, NDR.de

Last week, in the far north, there was a lot of cheers: officials from the German handball association congratulated SG Flensburg-Handewitt on the German championship. However, it was the youth of Flensburg A who were in sharp focus and danced on stage after a dramatic endgame. On Sunday from 3 p.m. want to follow suit, with a win in the last season game at Bergischer HC repeating their previous coup and a special double withdrawal: Only once did a club follow, at the same time the title in the Bundesliga and with the oldest youth team too get: in 2001 the SC Magdeburg.

Handball: Flensburg and Kiel in the title last sprint

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In the Bundesliga handball, it remains exciting until the end: before the final round of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt has two points ahead of the second-placed THW Kiel.

Machulla sees "winning success mentality"

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NDR 1 swings north

Flensburg is two points ahead of Kiel in the final of the Handball Bundesliga. Everything about the last match day lives on NDR 1-wave north from 3 pm – and with all reactions in To thing from 6 pm.

Maik Machulla was then one of the SCM players and now he could become the first coach to win the championship twice with the Flensburg players. "There is still a step to go and it will be tough, but for most players last year's experience helps, four of our players have become world champions," the coach said confidently, "This winning mentality is also being transferred to others players. "

With a two-point lead over the THW Kiel, nothing can be left to chance, after all, it is the SG's own control. A media meeting took place in Flensburg on Tuesday, after which the players were closed. "We should not think so much about the situation, but play our game," says left-handed Magnus Röd. The fact that the opponent is still fighting for a place in the EHF Cup and will act accordingly involved does not scare veteran Lasse Svan: "The BHC is still playing for something – but so are we."

2500 SG fans to Düsseldorf

The euphoria on the German-Danish border is great. Approximately 2,500 northern lights will come to Düsseldorf, where the Bergische HC is staying this time. Only 750 fans arrive in a special train. Everyone wants to be there when the departing Captain Tobias Karlsson and his teammates take the championship bowl. It's hard to imagine what would happen if the Flensburg handball players made a final "slip-up" after an almost flawless Bundesliga season and then had to comfort themselves with only six points with the title "best rider ever". So far this record is in the hands of another northern club: in 2010, seven "worthless" HSV Hamburg are screwing up to the top.


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THW hopes for help

THW Kiel won the title at that time and now seems to be in second place. The home game against the TSV Hannover-Burgdorf – also on Sundays at 3 pm – is considered a mandatory task. But the belief in Schützenhilfe from the Rhineland is limited. "Normally there is no burning and Flensburg becomes the champion," says coach Alfred Gislason: "But if something goes wrong in Flensburg, then we must be there."

"For handball fans it is a dream that it is tight until the last day of play and that anything can happen, which of course is an endless drama."
SG Captain Tobias Karlsson

THW-holder Andreas Wolff already has comfort, but also a motivating injection: "We can still be proud of ourselves, we only lost three games in three games and we will cancel the entire BHC cash register system if they win against Flensburg."

In Kiel only a copy of the Meisterschale

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The duel for the handball championship between Flensburg and Kiel is also one of the coaches: SG coach Maik Machulla was once in the Magdeburg player under the Icelandic Alfred Gislason.

Whether these small psycho tricks have an effect on the national rival? The Flensburgers have been very solid in recent weeks – in contrast to the heart rate final twelve months ago. "We were so nervous when we stepped into the decisive games," Svan said: "We have known the situation as league leaders for months, and we believe in our concept."

Even a draw would be the SG in Fernduell with the national rivals for a new triumph. The federation sent the original of the championship trophy to Düsseldorf, where president Uwe Schwenker and managing director Frank Bohmann will also be. In Kiel there is a copy and in case Klaus Elwardt is ready, today a member of the League Association, formerly a player and managing director at THW.

Kiel certainly celebrates … and Flensburg?

After the final confrontation, the record champion celebrates his season finale and the wins in the DHB Cup and in the EHF Cup on Stadhuisplein. The team of departing coach Gislason will register in the guestbook of the city and then present it to the fans on stage. If it still works with the championship, the & # 39; zebra & # 39; s & # 39; hijack the balcony of the town hall.

Flensburg is tied when it comes to the process after the last whistle. Plans for the master party only circulate in the rumor mill. The following procedure is a favorite: a night reception after returning from Düsseldorf to the German house in Flensburg, followed by a party on Monday at the Südermarkt.

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For the last time Tobias Karlsson runs for Flensburg on Sunday. He then returns to his native Sweden. The championship would be "a fantastic conclusion" for the SG captain.

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The career of Alfred Gislasons in Germany began with a descent with Hameln. But at his next stations, the ex-professional showed that he is a world-class coach.

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