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Fire saves Flamengo training center At least 10 deaths – Folha de S.Paulo

A fire hit the training center in one of the most famous football clubs in Rio de Janeiro, Flamengo, killing ten people and wounding another three.

Among the victims are club employees and the so-called basic players, teenagers who have been trained so that they can eventually try out Flamengo's main selection. The fire brigade was called at 5:17 pm to hold the flames that started in an older part of the training center, used as shelter for younger players aged 14 to 17 years old. The fire was under control about 40 minutes later.

Jonathan Cruz Ventura, 15, is one of the most serious wounded, with 30% of his body covered with third-degree burns.

Rio's deputy governor Cláudio Castro was in Ninho do Urubu (Vulture & # 39; s Nest, as the training center) on Friday morning. Castro told reporters that it looks like a defect in the air-conditioning system has caused the fire.

Jefferson Rodrigues da Silva, an owner of a guest house near the training center where young players who want to be discovered by Flamengo, sought information about one of his charges, Caique, a 15-year-old from the state of Tocantins. According to him, the boy was healthy, but very shocked.

Silva said the young man described that the fire happened very quickly. When he realized what was going on, he did not have time to collect his things, because the flames spread quickly. & # 39;

Samuel Barbosa, 16, was in the room where the fire started. According to his stepmother Marcia Santos only a few young men could escape. Barbosa's family came from Piauí two years ago, so that Samuel could be coached in the club.

Ninho do Urubu only receives athletes from outside the state. Samuel lived in the training center, while his family stayed in a nearby house. His stepmother said that the boy is in a state of shock and has not yet been able to describe what has happened.

"He just said he was leaving because he was leaving everything behind, and his colleague who was sleeping did not make it, he is desperate, & # 39; she said.

The training center of Flamengo is located near Vargem Grande, in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, and both the professional and the amateur team use it.

The site was renovated in November and a new wing for the pro-squadron has recently been opened. The area affected by fire would soon be demolished.

The main team of Flamengo would have a training session at Ninho do Urubu Friday morning to prepare for a classic game against local rival Fluminense.

The football federation of Rio de Janeiro has posted on Twitter that the semifinals of the Guanabara Cup, which would be played this weekend, are postponed.

Translated by Natasha Madov


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