Final round of the Europa League: Arsenal and Chelsea fans warned by the police for free game flows


The police are about to try to stop the free streams of the Europa League final at the crucial points of the match, they warned.

Fans have been warned that illegal flows will be hunted during the match between Arsenal and Chelsea, and will try to close it as frustratingly as possible.

The message comes when it's the forces of order that the television companies try to drive away people using illegal sites and instead look at legitimate paid services.

City of London police said that illegal streams are more popular during high-profile sporting events and stated that people have discovered that they share paid content, as content can be prosecuted and fined.

Chief Inspector Inspector Teresa Russell, Head of Intellectual Property Unit at the Force, said: "By illegally browsing the game, you never know when the site is likely to be closed." It could be at a crucial point in the game.

"In fact, the forces of order and societies will aim to do just that in an attempt to dissuade people from using illegal sites in the future."

Arsenal and Chelsea will compete in the Europa League final in Baku, Azerbaijan, on Wednesday night.

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BT Sport will present the game on BT Sport 2 and BT Sport 4KUHD. Fans can watch a legitimate free stream, either through the BT Sport website or on its YouTube channel.

The Champions League final will see Tottenham playing in Liverpool on Saturday in Madrid.

Additional reporting by the Press Association