FilGoal | News Zamalek president: No offers to join Tarek Hamed. We will not exaggerate him because he is the president of the players


Zamalek president stressed that his club did not receive official offers to sign Tarek Hamed.

The Okaz newspaper said in an exclusive report that Zamalek agreed to lend Tarek Hamed to the Jeddah federation for a $ 4 million season before an official source at Zamalek withheld the news. (See details)

The president of Zamalek also stressed the lack of truth news from the Saudi newspaper, To say, "I swear to God that we have not received official offers from a team to include Tarek Hamid."

"He didn't speak to any president of a Gulf team for a player in Zamalek," he added.

"Everything that is said has no basis in truth, false messages aimed at the demolition of Zamalek."

"Tariq Hamed is a very important and highly respected player, we will not give in to Tariq Hamid, even with millions of millions, this is a final decision and we will not bother Tarek Hamed."

"Tariq Hamed is the president of Zamalek among the players, I have not seen the leadership and masculinity of Tarek Hamed."

If Tarek Hamed wants to increase his salary in Zamalek, what will happen then? "We will replace Tarek Hamed if he wants to," the club president says categorically.

"If we are formally asked to leave, we will talk." previously revealed that there was a desire from the Jeddah Union Club to borrow Tarek Hamed. (See details)

Tariq Hamed made a great season with the White Castle during the season when he led the team to the Confederation Cup, the competition for the league and cup competitions, in addition to the prominent level appeared with the national team during the African Cup of Nations.

Hamed, 30, arrived in the summer of 2014 at Zamalek from Smouha.

The player, who started his career with the army elite, participated in 164 games in all competitions, scored 4 goals and scored them.

And awarded Zamalek title of an Egyptian competition in addition to 3 titles for the Cup of Egypt and the Super Cup title, and the African Confederation.

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Saudi report: Tarek Hamed to Jeddah Union

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