FilGoal | News We are world champions. Egypt wins the junior handball world championship with a historic victory over Germany


We are world champions. The youth of Egypt wrote history and won the U-19 World Championship in Macedonia at the expense of Germany.

Egypt defeated Germany in the final with 32 to 28, making the Pharaohs the world championship for this age group for the first time in the Egyptian hand history.

Meeting scenario

The match started on a level playing field between the two teams and the match went point by point between Egypt and Germany, until we reached a draw with four goals for each team.

From here, the hand of Egypt began to take advantage of the difference, and the difference increased to three goals when Egypt moved eight goals to 5.

By the time we reached the 23rd minute, Egypt had already scored 5 goals, with 14 to 9 goals.

Germany started narrowing the gap until they reached three goals four minutes before the end of the half, but the coach of the national team Magdy Abou El Magd was time-out, again weighted Egypt.

After Egypt regained the lead, the Pharaohs were able to finish the first half, ahead of 19 to 13, 6 points.

The second half

The beginning of the second half was bad for Egypt. The German team managed to narrow the gap to three goals by 19-16 after six minutes.

And after 7 and a half minutes. Egypt finally scored for the first time in the second half, to start the meeting going point by point again, with a difference of three goals in favor of the Pharaoh's.

In the second half, the difference was three goals, 24-21 for Egypt.

At that time, the Egyptian team was numerically reduced and Germany almost scored the goal of narrowing the difference to two goals, but Abdul Rahman Hamid sparkle and sparkle and ruled out "Fast Break" to continue and clear the difference with three goals to four.

The Egyptian team regained its activity and thanks to the glare of Mazen Reda and Hamid in the goal, the difference increased again to 5 goals, 5 minutes before the end of the match.

The 25th minute of the second half showed the Nigerians in the stands, again encouraging and supporting Egyptians, as was the case in the semifinals.

The Egyptian team managed to manage matters in the remaining minutes and ended the encounter with the victory from 32 goals against Egypt to 28.

Egypt won the U-19 World Cup for the first time in history, after the team finished 14th in the 2017 edition.

This achievement is the biggest in the history of Egyptian handball since the youth team won the world championship in 1993, and the continuation of the Egyptian hand's success after the first team this year finished eighth in the men's world championship, and the youth team a took third place in the World Cup a few days ago, and before he received Egypt For the Men's World Cup in 2021.

Golden quadrant

Quartet Ahmed Hisham "Dodo", Walid Hassan Gaddah, Abdul Rahman Hamid and Yasser wrote a wonderful history for themselves.

A few weeks ago, the quartet was crowned with the Egyptian youth team in the bronze of the World Championship.

They returned to Egypt to participate in the junior team mission to contribute to the historic achievement of winning the world championship.

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