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The first point: What is unique in a player who only tried five times during the season for the last time and once during the last season, and most of his pass on both sides, to win eleven league matches with Al Ahly.

Second look: Follow-up of the stadium is very different from the television, you do not understand the roles of the stadium!

Since Manuel Jose had called against one of the beginners & # 39;Player 4 is the future of Ahli and I want to go a step further"And the above discussion is heated, and is not solved by the owners of the second view only when the defensive problems of Ahli appear in the absence of Ashour.

On the occasion of his 33rd birthday, we are looking for the truth behind Hossam Ashour, which makes this player – who does not seem unique at all – very important to Ahly.

Ashour does not pay much for the goal, you can not wait until he passes a defense that seldom touches the lines, will not be impressed by his ability to move from the rival's midfield and the team to the attack stage to bring.

But what Ashour offers more, has more than 29 players passed by Ashour and always remain in the Ahli formation.

Classic victory

What does the coach ask of the midfielder? The answer to this question is very complicated and can take hours, but the general framework is to support the defense by trying to cut the ball and support the attack by passing it on the front line.

This is what Hossam Ashour does.

But, of the dozens of players who passed Ashour in the middle of a field, others can do the job.

"If you see the game from a distance, you may not feel important"

More than 500 games played by Ashour on the throne of the most active players at Al Ahly since 2000.

Hossam Al-Badri has told before "If you see the game from a distance, you may not feel important"He said.

Before adding "But if you look closely at him, you will notice that he is a very important player to organize the team's center line, as well as the concentration of colleagues on the field"He said.

"The main reason for my involvement is always in accordance with the coaches' instructions," he said. "Determination and determination are also important."

Regarding the fact that he only knows defense, he states that "as far as I am concerned, I must say that I have always been the defender of the trainers' tasks, my colleague, whatever his name, who is carrying out the offensive task. "

Drown outside the island

Despite a long history of Ahwar within the walls of Ahli, it always seems to drown outside the island. Ashour posts with a few Egyptian team and sad. Do you win the classic in Ahli alone?

While Ashour was present, Mohammed Shawki was his partner in the middle of Al Ahly Stadium, blowing himself up with the Egyptian team and a key element in two rounds of historical trilateral with the man who sees the first enemy of Hossam Ashour, Hassan Shehata.

Shawki said earlier "Ashour offers a very special level with Al Ahli for many years and does not come from the basic form of a coach, but the defensive performance of Ashour alone is not enough to represent the team, because the coaches are always looking for the player who is more than one place leads, for example, the defensive midfielder can participate in Defensive and attacking midfielder"He said.

The former player from Middlesbrough speaks from the point of view of the midfielder, but the last coach named Ashour to the Egyptian team has a different opinion.

Diaa El Sayed was Egypt coach in the coaching staff led by Bob Bradley between September 2011 and November 2013, which was the most frequent participation of Ashour, Ltd., in Egypt.

Why was Bradley with Ashour? Diaa El Sayed explained to "Ashour makes a trio with players who are stuck in the stadium"He said.

Is this only the reason? Adds the former pharaoh's coach "One of the characteristics of Ashour is his urge to cover the area after passing the ball"He said.

"I saw that my absence in the team was a personal opinion of Captain Hassan Shehata and I respected it without objection, and then joined the team in the presence of Bob Bradley," he said.

He continued his speech 7 years ago "I do not like to always talk about the need to develop my offensive performance, this is my way. I am not a new player and all coaches who have led Al Ahli have participated with them and culminated in many tournaments."He said.

But back years later and refers to the role of former Ahli trainer Juan Carlos Garrido, who explained: "When I participated in the attacks, the coach was the culprit of me .. But Garrido was different … gave me an advantage that he did not get to me, trust me to raise and repay ".

"Of course the timing of participation in the attack is important, attack if you are sure that this will not affect your basic mission as a defender." That did not seem to last long.

Looking at Hadi Khashaba, Ashour explains what he is doing on the field

From the best of Hossam Ashour to explain the truth behind Hossam Ashour.

"Since I was a young man and I followed Hadi Khashba .. he was great to me, especially in defensive tasks. He is one of the best players in this position in the history of Egyptian football"He said.

"This is probably one of the hardest places on the field, because your tasks are so many, I push the opponent, cover the wings and back and protect my heart defenses, and even more in the attacks"He said.

Hussam explains in previous statements "My mentality and personality always make me believe in an important rule. Follow the instructions of your coach literally, never out of his will"He said.

And completed "Three quarters of my work is focus, you control your opponent mentally for something else"He said.

He explained it "Shikabala, for example, I know his skills well. I know his speed, strength and skills. This in the stadium is no problem to stop him, the problem only in predicting what he is going to do"He said.

"He added "So before I face Shikabala, I will wait for myself. I think and study how I will handle every step that I will make on the field."He said.

Abizaid said "What if he tried to go into the depth of the field? What if he tried to get me to court? I am ready for every blow he has. He feels that he and Abdullah Al Saeed were in Isma & ili. It is important to say that dealing with each opponent is different depending on his possibilities."He said.

He explained it "If my playmaker is fast, I move before the ball reaches his feet, but if he is competent, you have to wait, because you have to be calmer and expect what he will do. Will he go right or left?"He said.

And he completed it "Goal: never reach the opponent's 18-area and protect and protect your comrades at the same time"He said.

Ashour does not save the trouble for Al-Ahli – with the consent of everyone – but he does not bother to do it alone or to appear as a hard-working player who does not have the talent.

He knows what to do, who looks, who is his opponent, who helps him on the field, has a tactical awareness on the field previously indicated by Hossam al-Badri.

Because the figures are always in the Ashour line, the second hands seem to have a clear point to be confirmed by the coaches.

The truth – actually – behind Hossam Ashour .. The dilemma of the second man

As usual, Mohammed Abu Trika gets a shot of the end that summarizes all events of every day, he said in a previous tweet "When the player is absent in the matches, everyone knows his value on the field, Hossam Ashour is an important part of the Ahli team. A tribute to Hossam Ashour"He said.

The absence of Hossam Ashour has negative consequences for Al Ahly – Since 2007, Ashour has not lost Al Ahli in only 17 games in the African Champions League – for the matches of the current season – In those games, Al Ahly tied eight times and lost twice, including a loss and a draw of the national title of 2017 for Wydad.

Ahli's defense in the past two seasons has done well, but he has always looked weak and confused in the absence of Ashour, who is in charge of what he is doing behind him, Ashour is a very important element in the defense system.

This is the problem of the second man.

In the years of the beautiful Ahli in the presence of Ashour, there will not be any historical moments of him only a doorway to Ahmed Fathi, decided by the competition in 2009, but will not find a video on YouTube that refunds or industrial payments from Ashoor & # 39; s summarizes goals in the years of Ahli Gold.

You may not feel the presence of the second man, but his absence touches the whole system and destroys the most important gears.

Ashour does not perform elegantly or nicely, his pass is easy and does not evade much, he does the dirty tasks for his colleagues at the front to find the time and opportunity to finish the beautiful painting that a gentleman's base has to make,.

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