FilGoal | News The hand of Egypt in Al Alali .. Pharaoh & # 39; s for the World Cup Final Junior for the first time after crushing Portugal


Step by step and match after match. The youth of Egypt continue to write a brilliant history after crushing Portugal, reaching the finals of the World Cup in Macedonia.

The junior junior team of Egypt achieved a historic performance by reaching the World Cup Final after beating Portugal, waiting for the winner between Germany and Denmark, To face it tomorrow night.

Egypt beat Portugal with 41 to 36 in the semifinals and reached the final for the first time in the history of the Pharaoh's.

The start of the game was in favor of Portugal, and sometimes broadened to a 4-point difference to surprise the championship, but the pharaohs slowly entered the atmosphere and were the first draw in 10-10 minutes .

The second half of the first half was flat. The match went one goal and the draw continued until the last minute of the half when the Egyptian team scored a goal and the first half of the Pharaoh's 20 to 19 ended.

At the start of the second half, Egypt managed to increase the difference considerably, leading our team to lead 23 to 19 and then 26 to 21 with five goals.

The difference with five goals is the difference that the Pharaohs could maintain, ending the encounter with Egypt's 41-36 victory.

Egypt, the winner between Germany and Denmark, is expected to meet in the final on Sunday at 6 p.m.

The historic performance of the young pharaohs is the largest for Egypt in this age group, as the greatest performance for Egypt in the tournament that began in 2005 was fifth in the 2007 edition, while our team finished 14th in the latest version in 2017.

The team, led by Magdy Abou El Magd as technical director, helps Hussein Zami, legend of former Egypt and Zamalek, while Hamada Ruby is the coach of keepers.

It is noteworthy that Egypt is organizing the World Handball Championship in 2021 at home.


Yes, they are all heroes, but there is a unique performance from another world for a specific trio. Ahmed Hisham "Dodo", Walid Hassan Kaddah and Abdel Rahman Hamid wrote a wonderful history for themselves by qualifying with the young pharaohs for the semi-finals.

A few weeks ago, the trio played for the Egypt youth team at the World Championships in Spain and became third after beating Portugal.

They then returned to Egypt before participating in the junior team mission to contribute to the historic qualification for the semi-final.

An earlier achievement

Egypt won the World Youth Cup – the largest Sunni group – in 1993, while being twice third in 1999 and a few weeks ago in 1999 and 2019, but this achievement is the best Egyptian handball for this age group.

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