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FilGoal | News The first Ahli Ahli after the penthouse of Pretoria .. "storm" session with Khatib and a message from Abdul Hafiz to players

For half an hour, Ahli & # 39; s Mahmoud al-Khatib scolded the players after losing the Sun Downs of South Africa in the quarter finals of the African Champions League 5-0.

Before the first game after the game, which placed Ahli forward and a half behind the tournament, Al-Khatib had a meeting with the players in a session described as "the storm."

Ahli's football manager, Syed Abdel Hafiz, told players that what happened to Sun Downs does not represent the character or history of Ahli, that they are short players and that "any irresponsible player will have no place in the team." "He said.

After the pastor's meeting with the players, club president Abdul Hafeez and coach Martin Lassarty met to discuss what had happened in South Africa.

FilGoal.com previously heard from an official source at Ahli that "so far there have been no consultations or deliberations about the fate of my family, and the board has not even sat down in a friendly way or even made a telephone call."

"Khatib is the commissioner for dealing with the football file, he is the one who studies everything and makes decisions that are submitted to the council."

"Now the only way to support the team and first support it during the play-off match if it is not postponed is then the return match against Sun Dwanz, and now nothing else can be bothered."

Al Ahly lost 5-0 to Mamelodi Sun Dunes on Saturday-evening in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Al Ahly will meet Sun Downs in the Borg Al Arab stadium on Saturday in the second leg. The Egyptian team must win a sixth to qualify.

Al-Ahly is preparing for a draw on Wednesday, in the round of the 28 rounds of the Egyptian competition.

The rest of what happened in Muran

Khatib inspected the stadium and inspected the new changing rooms in the marina, during a contract for my club to talk to the players.

On the other hand, team leader Sherif Ekrami wanted to talk to players about the need to return to strong offers and get out of the five-point loss in South Africa.

Sherif Ekrami and Walid Sulaiman naturally participated in the group exercises at a time when Husam Ashour, Ahmad al-Sheikh and Hisham Mohammed did exercises.

Choose the optimum shape of Al Ahly to face the clearing

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