FilGoal | News Mbappe: Paris will not be the same team without Neymar


Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe has admitted that Neymar's departure will weaken the team.

Mbappe scored in a 3-0 win in Paris Saint-Germain over Nimes Olympique in the opening of Ligue 1 games, a game that Neymar missed out on in the midst of speculation that he was leaving.

Mbappe said after the meeting: "We will try to be a team that is as competitive as possible. Let's not lie; we will follow the developments of Neymar & # 39; s position because we would not be the same team without him."

"But we will do our best."

This coincides with the Radio Monte Carlo report, which stated that Paris Saint-Germain agreed to give up its star in favor of Barcelona, ​​in exchange for a sum of money alongside Felipe Coutinho.

Barcelona accelerated the negotiation process in recent days and met the management of the French club, a meeting from which they came with these results.

The Catalan club seems far from giving up on the issue of winning Neymar and has every confidence in concluding the deal in its favor.

French radio reported that next week could be decisive, since Barcelona is expected to send its first official offer to the Paris offices, which contains the amount of money + Coutinho.

Paris Saint-Germain, in turn, does not seem reluctant to get money to meet their needs in the summer transfer market, appointed him Juventus player Paulo Dybala and wants to take a keeper with him.

Even if Real Madrid comes in line, Barcelona is closest to winning Neymar, according to French radio, the player wants nothing but Barcelona.

This comes one day after the report from the Spanish newspaper "Marca" in which Barcelona insisted "not doing anything crazy in economic terms to win Neymar," and stressed that Barcelona wants to involve at least one player in the deal.

The Spanish radio Cadena Coupe which the other Brazilian Felipe Coutinho, the target of the Barcelona government to close the deal Neymar.

Coutinho came from Liverpool in the winter transfer window of 2017/18 to make up for the sudden departure of fellow countryman Neymar after activating the penalty clause of his 222 million euro contract and moving to Paris St Germain in a shocking move.

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