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FilGoal | News Details of Janesh's injury for Hassania Agadir

Mahmoud Abdel Rahim "Jensh" was injured during his participation in Zamalek against Hassania Agadir from Morocco, what are the details of the injury?

Zamalek returned to a 0-0 draw against Hassania Agadir in the quarter-finals of the Confederation Cup. (See details)

Jensh fell in the 60th minute after a joint ball with Imad Khemoui appeared to be severely irritated before he received treatment and closed the game.

FilGoal.com has learned that a fetus injury is a slight bruise on the bottom of the left foot.

The Zamalek medical team has the safety of Jensh and his willingness to be confirmed in the upcoming matches.

Jensh is expected to undergo a new medical examination after the return of the Zamalek mission to Cairo to reassure the White Knight keeper.

The Moroccan team seemed more dangerous and tried Zamalek more than once, but it was not scored thanks to the glare of Mahmoud Abdel Rahim, "Jensh", and Ibrahim Ibrahim "Obama" wasted a chance for the White Knight at the end of the game .

Tamim Siam & # 39; s goal was to win the competition in a very large crowd.

The stage has now ended and Hassania Agadir is coming to Zamalek in the quarterfinals on Sunday

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