FilGoal | News Believe it or not, Bristol says his rivals won't take the ball off the field if a player falls


This is a fact, not a joke. Second Division Bristol City has sent an email to the tournament clubs informing them that they will not take the ball off the field unless a rival player has a head injury.

The decision came after Bristol lost 3-1 to Leeds United on Sunday in a match between players near the contact line, after which the first players didn't get the ball after the fall of Matthews Clich Leeds.

Leeds caused controversy last season when they faced Aston Villa, the team that included Egyptians Ahmed Mohammedi and Mahmoud Trezeguet, when he refused to take the ball after a rival player fell before scoring a goal and a big fight broke out on the field to Leeds coach Marcelo Bielsa decides to calm Villa.

Bristol wants to clarify his position on the action early in the season, as Lee Johnson announced at a press conference after he had fallen to Leeds.

"It's normal," said Johnson. "We sent an email to the clubs because this happens a lot. One of them doesn't fall due to an injury, people try to waste time. So we decided as a regulating club in the 46 games that we would leave the decision to the referee If he sees a head injury, he will stop the game, as opposed to "By law, players do not have to take the ball off the field if an opponent falls, unless there is a head injury."

The Bristol decision predicts field crises, such as last season's Leeds-Villa match.

Teams sometimes use a loophole to legally waste time by dropping one of their players to force the referee to stop the game.

The referee only seemed to stop the game because his first task was to keep the players safe.

Bristol fell home in Leeds and visited Birmingham City on Saturday in the second round of the competition.

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