FilGoal | News Abu Trika: Klopp has misused the European Super Match


Former Egyptian football player Mohamed Abou Trika believes that Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has misunderstood the European super match.

Liverpool ended the first half of the European Super Cup against Chelsea with 1-0.

Abu Klika said in the analytical studio of the game: "Klopp is mistaken in dealing with the confrontation and considers it every meeting in the English league."

"On the contrary, Chelsea manager Frank Lampard treated the game like a cup final and played with caution and great organization."

"Klopp has made many changes to the starting line-up for his first competition, where Alex Arnold and Roberto Firmino, why are they sitting on the couch?"

"Chelsea takes advantage of the empty spaces between midfields and Liverpool's defense and has succeeded in scoring the goal in this way."

"Liverpool must join Firmino and Arnold in the second half," he said.

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