FilGoal | News Abdullah Gomaa: I don't mind breaking the foot of Saleh if I found the unique Zamalek goal


Zamalek defender Abdallah Gomaa will defend his team, even though it cost him his brother Saleh Al-Ahly playmaker, he told DMC.

The brothers Saleh and Abdullah Gomaa play for Ahli and Zamalek, in a precedent that only happened in recent years.

"I will not let him pass me in any way," Abdullah said about the possibility of engaging in football conflicts with Saleh on the pitch.

Regarding his position when he is unique to Zamalek's goal, he joked: "I don't mind breaking his foot, being a little at home."

Al-Ahly won the Egyptian league title last season after a competition with Zamalek until the final rounds.

Abdullah revealed what he said to his brother after the competition coronation, and said, "I told him congratulations … But not from my heart."

"When Zamalek was crowned with the confederation, I blessed my brother," Saleh replied.

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