Federal league leader Patrick Ittrich lacks respect: "This is bullying"


Updated July 10, 2019, 12:25 PM

Lack of respect for authorities is a social phenomenon and problem that football referees have known for decades. A Bundesliga referee speaks of "bullying".

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Bundesliga referee Patrick Ittrich has complained about the way the players deal with the referees. "The referee's approach, FIFA says to Mobbing of the Referee," is the biggest problem.

In an interview on the internet portals "Spox" and "Doel" (Wednesday) the 40-year-old police officer from Hamburg said: "If five or six men arrive after completely clear decisions and want to tell you something, I am bothered."

Only the captain should protest

He has no problem talking to the captain and talking about it, "but it cannot be that you are constantly harassing five or six men, and I can defend myself, but we have to figure out how to handle it. & # 39; Said Ittrich.

He also demanded consequences for the coaches' behavior on the sidelines, this had to be partly reconsidered. "The subject can help us show coaches and all the official cards of the new season, so that the behavior of the coach becomes clearer." (HAU / dpa)

Even before the Bayern pros Robert Lewandowski and Kingsley Coman let some of the Bundesliga racing pigeons fly with their fists. We have listed the most violent matches in a gallery.

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