Fayhaa decides to prepare for the victory


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Fayhaa decides to prepare for the victory from the site of Saws, on Thursday, October 25, 2018.

Al-Fayhaa completes preparations for Al-Nasrsport Saudi Arabia Published in Sports Saudi Arabia on 25-10-2018 The first football team in the Al Fayhaa club held its final marathon before the victory on Friday at Al-Majmaa Sports Stadium in the seventh round of the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman sports tournament. During the evening in the stadium of his excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri led by coach Slavovyol Muslin and started the warm-up and stretching exercises followed by a fitness focused on muscle strengthening under the supervision of Mr. Radenko Pantović, and underwent goalkeepers exercises under the supervision of Trail guards. Bojan Aasailovic. At the end of the race, Mr. Mosleen placed a two-third maneuver on the field, applying a series of tactical sentences. In turn, Omar returned to the exercises and maintenance under the supervision of a physiotherapist, while the couple continued the rehabilitation of Hassan Jafari and Naldo Santos in the clinic club, and Majid Najrani also underwent the treatment program after a muscle load on the leg. Al-Fayhaa decides his preparations to face the victory for the last time: October 25, 2018 by Mohammed Al-Rajihian Click here to read the news from the source.

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Source: Saws