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Exhibition and triumph of Colombia, which maintained its dominance over the United States.

the selection of Colombia imposed on Thursday, October 11, 2018, are better football And his attacking force in front of surpass to home by 2-4 to the one United States in friendly match of the FIFA date from October and so he retained the historical domain about the combined bars and stars.

The goals of Colombia were highlighted by James Rodríguez (36 & # 39;), Carlos Bacca (56 & # 39;), Radamel Falcao (74 & # 39;) and Miguel Borja (79 & # 39;), while those of United States they were the work of it kellyn Acosta (50 & # 39;) and Bobby Wood (53 & # 39;).

The attacker James Rodríguez, right away spectacular auction from Zurda, placed the perfect ball over the whole right corner of the goal defended by the American goalkeeper Zack Steffen, who could do nothing to avoid the goal when the 36th minute of the first half was met.

It was it twenty seconds as much from James with the & # 39; coffee & # 39; selection.

Colombia was able to condemn the 39 minutes with another shot on the march from Radamel Falcao to Santiago Arias, the same player who assisted James, but this time Steffen, well positioned, put his hand when the second goal was sung.

With full control over Colombia in the midfield, where Juan Guillermo Cuadrado shone, the Juventus player put a perfect ball down on James, who left his marker with a break in the area and his left vault shot was already underway the road 0-2, beaten Steffen, when the miraculous leg of central defender Matt Miazga came forward to avoid the score.

Colombia maintained the pressure, possession of the ball (60 percent) and tried to condemn the game before the end of the first half, but in the end both teams went into partial 0-1.

The combined coffee had given a whole show of good play with excellent movement and circulation of ball, speed and speed in the last meters.

But everything changed at the beginning of the second half when the defense of Colombia was slow and misplaced and in two counterattacks from the left, with Antonie Robinson as the center and spectacular recording of Hispanic Kelly Acosta (50 & # 39;) and Tim Deep pass Weah at 53 & # 39 ;, the United States turned the score and the game for the 2-1.

Colombia realized that there was still time to recover and three minutes later, another great game and penetration of Arias, which gave Carlos Bacca a perfect center, the Spanish Villarreal striker ended in the march and remained 2-2 behind. party.

The game started again and again. Colombia was the one who took the lead after Cuadrado was replaced from the field by Juan Fernando Quintero, who would be the big revulsive to be the one who started the game so Bacca could make the tie.

Then came the goals of Falcao, a counterattack working artwork, and the fourth, by Borja, the Brazilian Palmeiras player, who reached a brilliant Chilean average and put the finishing touches to a great match played by the coffee team that runs the interim coach Arturo Reyes.

Quintero, who hit the post at the very last moment, was also prominent in the time he was on the field in the second half before departure, apparently injured.

The American interim coach Dave Sarachan relied again on midfielder Kenny Saief, who plays for the Belgian Anderlecht and his third party played with the national team, because he was the best in the inconsistent attack of his team, where Michael Bradley, He returned to the middle of the field, he was without ideas, games or support from his teammates.

Colombia, with its victory, retained the historic dominance over the US, which won 13 times with only three defeats and four draw since they first met, in Bogotá in 1961.

The last game between the two teams was in the game for third place in the Copa America Centenario 2016 and Colombia won 1-0 thanks to the goal that Bacca scored on minute 31.

The next friendly match of Colombia will also be on American territory, in Harrison (New Jersey), next Tuesday against the Costa Rican national team.

The United States is facing Peru the same day.

Alignment of the national team of the United States: Zack Steffen in the bow; DeAndre Yedlin, Matt Miazga, John Brooks and Antonee Robinson (76 & # 39 ;, Ben Sweat) in defense; Michael Bradley, Kelly Acosta; Timothy Weah (68 & # 39 ;, Marco Delgado), Julian Green (84 & # 39 ;, Andrija Novakovich) and Kenny Saief (58 & # 39 ;, Fabrice-Jean Picault) on the midfield; Bobby Wood (83 & # 39 ;, Joshua Sargent) in front. DT: Dave Sarachan.

Matching the selection of Colombia: David Ospina in the bow; Santiago Arias, Dávinson Sánchez, Jeison Murillo and Deiver Machado in defense; Mateus Uribe, James Rodriguez (82 & # 39 ;, Didier Moreno), Wilmar Barrios, Juan Guillermo Cuadrado (55 & # 39; Juan Quintero, 83 & Yimmi Chara) on the midfield; Radamel Falcao (76 & # 39; Edwin Cardona) and Carlos Bacca (76 & # 39; Miguel Borja) in front. DT: Arturo Reyes.

Technical sheet:

goals: 0-1 (36 & # 39 ;: James Rodríguez); 1-1 (50 & # 39 ;: Kellyn Acosta); 2-1 (53 & # 39 ;: Bobby Word); 2-2 (56 & # 39 ;: Carlos Bacca); 2-3 (74 & # 39 ;: Radamel Falcao); 2-4 (79 & # 39 ;: Miguel Borja).

referee: John Pitti of Panamanian nationality. He showed yellow cards to Tim Weah (32 & # 39;) and Antonee Robinson (35 & # 39;) from the United States and Wilmar Barrios (63 & # 39;) from Colombia.

incidents: FIFA international friendly match played at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, for more than 32,000 spectators.


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